The Dez Bryant Contract: What does this mean going forward?

photo by matt pearce
It’s a win win. Dez gets cozy with the Dallas Cowboys. Photo Courtesy: Matt Pearce

By Zach Walker

The Cowboys like their deadlines, and like a bomb that finds its way in front of James Bond, the situation was defused within the zero hour. With under an hour until the cut-off deadline, the Cowboys and Dez Bryant agreed to terms on a brand spanking new five year, $70 million dollar deal, with $45 million dollars in guaranteed money, with Dez pocketing $20 million upon inking his new bad ass deal.

This is the dream situation for the Cowboys and Dez Bryant. No hold outs, no missing practices, no skipped training camp, just that Dez brand of intensity brought to every play, of every team event, practice, preseason game, and beyond. Dez is locked down for five years, a time in which he and everyone wrapped in true blue and brought up emboldened in Cowboys lore, has a sixth title at the end of the road. Less optimistically, Dez could become a mentor for the next franchise quarterback, because though Tony Romo might be able to play five years from now, it’d be borderline irresponsible to expect Romo to be fighting and able to get around while he’s circling 40.

The crisis averted was a Def-con 3, full evacuation, sell your stock problem. This offense is, sorry to say, genuinely, not the same danger as they are with Dez Bryant. Terrence Williams, though good, I don’t think he gets the same looks as he does if Dez isn’t across from him. Cole Beasley, Jason Witten, Dez Bryant’s potential and partiality for crippling defenses opens up holes for players to work themselves for Romo to find in the field. Not to worry, though, the deal is done.

With training camp right around the corner, the happiest camper is going to be Dez Bryant, that new feeling of security must feel like a warm blanket on a chilly night, and if that doesn’t warm him, he can start a fire with all that cash, no one would ever do that. But with zero risk of having Dez miss training camp, this can be a special season, a powerful season, a dangerous season. At Oxnard, Dez can now go to work against the new boy, first round pick, cornerback Byron Jones. The camp battles are going to be great and I can’t wait to see the guys welcome their newly locked in star back to the field and amp up the battles intensity. #Dezcaughtit, yeah, caught a fresh contract.