Sure McGregor (pictured) vs. dos Anjos sounds appealing but we think Conor should stay in his current weight class. Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia
Sure McGregor (pictured) vs. Nurmagomedov needs to happen! Will it?
Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia

By Kyler Kuehler

Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor made history at the first ever New York City card inside Madison Square Garden as he became the first fighter to hold two belts of different weight divisions at the same time as he TKO Eddie Alvarez in round two to claim the Lightweight title.

With such a great performance it seems that the Irishman is whipping both divisions clean leaving us to wonder if anyone else can stand up to possibly the most dominate fighter to ever step foot inside the octagon. Well, it seems McGregor just might have a big challenge ahead of him after Khabib Nurmagomedov put on another dominant performance against Michael Johnson to where he submitted him via kimura in round three increasing his record to a solid 24-0. After the fight, Nurmagomedov would then go to call out McGregor calling him a “chicken” and making his voice well heard to the UFC that he wants his title shot he is long overdue for.

Since Nurmagomedov wants his title shot and McGregor wants to continue cleaning the divisions I say the UFC needs to make this fight happen and not just the fact it will most likely be another seller in both ticket a pay-per-view buys, but all what both these amazing athletes bring to their fights every time they step foot inside the octagon.

For McGregor, his intense striking power and speed have truly made him the deadliest fighter in both the featherweight and the lightweight division giving him 18 wins via knockout making him merely unstoppable.

Nurmagomedov has never faced a fighter with the striking power like McGregor and to see how well he holds up to that kind of power makes this matchup more interesting to happen.

However, Nurmagomedov has striking power as well to possibly match that of McGregor and even more to the picture is the ground technique Nurmagomedov contains in his style, which has proven to be possibly his biggest strength where McGregor lacks ground game heavily making this match seem very risky for McGregor to take a chance against such a beast like Nurmagomedov.

Even Nurmagomedov’s cardio is well-rounded were McGregor relies heavily on quick finishes and not much on cardio, which was one of the main reasons he was defeated by Nate Diaz back at UFC 196 in round two via rear-naked choke.

With these two massive advantages over the current two-division champion could very well be Nurmagomedov’s key to victory and finally claim UFC gold he has been shooting forever since signing with the company in 2011 and become the Lightweight King the UFC has been looking for ever since the creation of the division.

With what these fighters bring the fight looks to be an epic matchup in the making and it would be crazy for Dana White and the UFC to not make this fight happen because fans around the world would love to see these two gladiators take the stage against each other after many countless speculations of making this fight happen sometime in the future.

The only thing left to say is, “MAKE IT HAPPEN NOWWW!”