Cigar Primer for DFW Craft Beer Enthusiasts

These folks know how to enjoy a cigar and craft beer pairing. Photo Courtesy: Lauren Polinsky
These folks know how to enjoy a cigar and craft beer pairing. Photo Courtesy: Lauren Polinsky

By Laura Bechtol

My first adventure into the craft beer world took place in the early 90’s. Craft beer was vastly different during that period. Finding craft beer was like participating in a speak-easy: known to only a few people and difficult to find.

Luckily the scene is much different today. Good quality beer is much more accessible. As consumers we have the ability to decide where, when, and how to enjoy our beer. My pairing of choice is always a good cigar.

Similar to craft beer, cigars are a handcrafted work of art. They provide a means for satisfaction and relaxation. Many people, interested in learning about cigars, come through our doors at Elite Cigar Café.

Stress can build up and grow if not tackled and can often result in us feeling overwhelmed. Taking time out for yourself is one of the most important things you should do in life, yet many of us are trying to juggle everything else and won’t have any ‘me time’. To deal with this problem just check and find your soution.

Cigars are a combination of three distinct components: filler, binder and wrapper. As the name suggests filler is comprised of the inner most leaves in the cigar. They fill the cigar. Binder is the middle leaf and bind the filler in place. Binder also aids in combustion during smoking. Wrapper is the leaf visible in the cigar. They wrap the binder and filler in place. Being the largest single leaf in a cigar, wrapper provides the majority of flavor in a cigar. Combinations of these components create the flavors and aromas found in cigars.

Our approach to pairings is straightforward. We consider the type wrapper in the cigar and the style of beer. Our outline is divided into style of beer. Each style has three specific pairs. The concept is to pair a cigar with beer that has complimentary flavors and vice versa. As one becomes more comfortable one will notice that cigar categories are as broad as beer categories.

We hope to see you in our humidor at Elite Cigar Café. All of our tobacconists would love to make recommendations. We also hope you come visit our booth at Brewfest September 12.

To help everyone out check out the chart below. However if you have specific questions for pairings not listed, feel free to stop by Elite Cigar Cafe in Addison.

When Laura Bechtol isn’t busy writing articles such as this one, she’ll be at Elite Cigar Cafe where she is the Humidor Manager and possesses a wealth of knowledge regarding cigars.

Beer Style Beer Pairing Cigar Recommendation Cigar Wrapper
Pils & Pales Revolver – Blood & Honey My Father – CT Connecticut


Deep Ellum – Pale Ale AJ Fernandez – New World CT
Four Corners – Paletero Nomad – CT Fuerte

Tripels, Quads, Saisons

Boulevard – Tank 7 Illusione – Epernay Connecticut


Community – Razzy Tatuaje – Cabaiguan
Crown Valley Brewing -Big Bison Ale Perdomo – Champagne



Lakewood – Hop Trapp Crowned Heads – Angel’s Anvil Corojo
Rabbit Hole – Off With Your Red Punch – Rare Corojo
No-Li – Born & Raised Asylum – 13
Community – Mosiac Crowned Heads – La Imperiosa Habano

Highest in       nicotine content

Peticolas – Sit Down or I Will Sit You Down La Palina – Red Label
Harpoon – UFO White Crux – Ninfamaniac

Wits, Dunkels, Hefe

St. Arnold’s – Icon Gold Illusione – Cristado Criollo
Franconia – Wheat Kristoff – Criollo
Lakewood – Rock Ryder Illusione – Fume de Amor

Blonde, Amber, Lager

Rahr – Ugly Pug Tatuaje – Regio Reserva Maduro
Peticolas – Alfred Brown Padron – 1964
St. Arnold – Wagger Brown PDR – 1878 Maduro

German Style

Shiner Bock Southern Draw Sun Grown


Audacity – Repercussion German Alt Ashton – VSG
Rabbit Hole – 561 Arturo Fuente – King B

Oatmeal,Milk, Imperial

Left Hand Brewing – Nitro Milk Stout Tatuaje – Gran Cojonu Broadleaf
Lakewood – Temptress LFD – Chapter 1
903 – Sasquatch Drew Estates – Liga Privada No. 9

Smoked, English, Imperial

Community – Ascension Coffee LFD – Cameroon Chisel Cameroon
Cobra Brewing – Donut Dunker Oliva – G Series
Founder’s – Porter Arturo Fuente – Hemingway
Strong Ales


Laguinitas – Olde Gnarlywine Southern Draw – Fire Thorn Rosado
Peticolas – The Duke La Palina – El Diario
Alaskan – Alaskan Barley Wine Pilot Arturo Fuente – Rosado
Wilds/ Sours Prairie Artisan Ales – Cherry Funk Gun Slinger – Perdition San Andres
Jester King- Le Petit Prince Illusione – Gigante / Rothschilde
Lindemans – Cuvee Rene Drew Estates – Norteno


Goose Island- Bourbon County LFD – No. 5 Oscuro
Epic – Big Bad Baptist CAO – Flathead Steel Horse
Community – Barrel Aged Legion PDR – 1878 Oscuro


Real Ale Pale – Moon Rye Tatuaje – Cojonu 2012 Sumatra
New Holland Brewing – Ichabod Ale Nomad – S-307
Stevens Point Brewery – Whole Hog Pumpkin Ale Kristoff – Sumatra