Zero Platoon Rocks Three Links

Three Links was the home of the Zero Platoon Tour in Dallas. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch
Three Links was the home of the Zero Platoon Tour in Dallas. Photo Courtesy: Michael Kolch

By Kelly Norman

Inside Three Links, which sits in the middle of all the action in Deep Ellum, is a quaint bar with a big stage and nice acoustics, perfect for bands to play at every week. With its wonderful craft beer selection, (about 15 different IPAs) seating area and dance floor, Three Links is a little place to come after work for a craft brew or to hit up on a night when a band is in town.

On Wednesday night, the Zero Platoon Tour came rolling through DFW. The tour opened with Chris Farren, a young, mustached, smooth soulful singer who made the audience crack up in between sets. He told us he once did a quarter of ecstasy with his friend (because they were too scared to take a full or a half) and watched Harry Potter all night. The second act was Philadelphia native Dave Hause, who was accompanied on stage by his younger brother, Tim. Donned with sleeve tattoos, the pair rocked the guitar throughout their set and vocals came mainly from Dave. Before his set, Rocky Votolato joined them on stage to play guitar and sing during “Time Will Tell”.

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The final performer of the night was Dallas-born Rocky Votolato. With his full beard, jeans, guitar, harmonica and soulful-rock voice, he is a folk lovers’ dream. He performed a song that he wrote based on the Wes Anderson movie The Royal Tenenbaums and also a song based on a Shell Silverstein poem, which he used to read to his son.

Each performer was a delight. They possessed strong voices and song writing skills and most importantly, soul. Even those that aren’t die-hard fans of folky, alternative country music, would have definitely had a good time at the Zero Platoon tour. It’s hard to beat great music and ice cold beer on a hot Wednesday night, right?

Better yet, the event was all for charity. Zero Platoon is an organization founded and staffed by military veterans that seeks to help those on active duty that are battling depression and other mental health issues as they struggle with the adaptation into military life. Way to go guys!