Vicki Golden: The only female racer on the track

Vicki Golden has a lot of pressure heading into Saturday's Monster Energy Supercross race. Photo Courtesy:
Vicki Golden has a lot of pressure heading into Saturday’s Monster Energy Supercross race.
Photo Courtesy: Chris Ganz/BrownDogWilson Photography

By Valerie Rocio

When you attend the Monster Energy Supercross Event on Saturday, February 14 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington your Valentine’s Day Sweetheart isn’t the only Sweetheart you’ll be seeing. Vicki Golden, 22, will be racing in the first round in hopes of becoming the first female racer to qualify for the final of the Monster Energy Supercross Event.

Golden has been racing for almost 14 years. She grew up watching her dad and brother ride and followed in their footsteps. She wanted to be just like her older brother. Her first race ever was against all boys when she was 7 years old.

She grew up training and getting more and more competitive. She transitioned into women’s motocross until she raced in the AMA Arenacross Series against all men in 2011. She has raced against more men than women essentially, she says.

She knows that some people may disagree with the scenario of a female racing in a “men’s” sport and she understands that. Since racing against so many men she has found an advantage. She has found that guys see her as a different kind of pressure than they would see another male racer. Not only do they want to win, but they definitely can’t lose to a girl.

“It’s different for them just like it’s different for me. It’s still pressure from another rider, it’s obviously added pressure to not let a chick get by you,” she said.

Golden doesn’t see much of a negative side to being the only female racer surrounded by men. She appreciates how talented they are.

“They’re gnarly, they go for it. This is their area of expertise and I’m just trying to fall into it,” she said.

When she’s off the track she feels like the male racers see her as “just one of the guys”. She’s known many of them for years after being in this sport for so long and feels like they all see her equally and are respectful.

Motocross is a tough sport and requires a lot of practice. She spends her seasons practicing and racing with no time for distractions. But in the offseason, just like any other 22 year old, she enjoys a good party.

Other than Saturday’s races, Golden will be competing a lot through the year.

“I hope to be back at X Games again this year,” Golden said.