The Dallas Cowboys Free Agent Target List

The Dallas Cowboys could be going after Micah Hyde to help with the defense. Photo Courtesy: Kyle Engman
The Dallas Cowboys could be going after Micah Hyde to help with the defense.
Photo Courtesy: Kyle Engman
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By Zach Walker

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have a ton of cap space, so the idea that the Cowboys will be any sort of big spenders isn’t exactly a reality. The Cowboys will most likely focus on their own players and try and create more space for themselves. Sean Lee was restructured, Travis Frederick was restructured, and then on Wednesday afternoon, it was announced that the Tony Romo-era is a closed book. It’s really an emotional situation, and we’ll all likely see that in press conference form on Thursday. That domino has fallen, cap room has changed, there’s now a bit more line to throw out, and now the Cowboys could wrangle a free agent fish.

The Cowboys have some needs. Some on offense, more on defense. Now, a lot of these voids will be filled through the NFL Draft in April, and that’s been the Cowboys for the past three or four seasons, focus on the draft, after grabbing just a few role players. That’s where I’ve been focusing, on role player additions to the Cowboys so the draft picks don’t have to drown in the deep end, and can flourish like the rookies from this class did.

1st Target: Philadelphia DT Bennie Logan (Age: 27) – The Cowboys went out last year and picked up Cedric Thornton from Philadelphia, and it was a good move, and as much as sifting through the division’s laundry, but Logan would be a seriously worthwhile addition. The Cowboys know of his effect on the field, being a dominant force in the middle when clogging the run game, and takes up a sizeable chunk of lateral real-estate to help spring pass rushers that would be great for the movement front system that Rod Marinelli employs. Logan would be a great two-fold signing. A really solid signing for the Cowboys, and then not having to gameplan against him twice a season.

2nd Target: Green Bay CB/S Micah Hyde (Age: 26) – The Cowboys should have Micah Hyde fresh on the mind as he was absolutely the Packers best defender from the divisional game. He’s a highly versatile weapon in the secondary. This is a bummer to say, but the Cowboys need to start the replacement process for Orlando Scandrick. He just hasn’t been the same since his knee injury. Hyde can cover shifty slot receivers, or match up with tight ends in coverage, then mix it up in run support. I don’t know the money that it would take to snag Hyde, but for his skillset it’d be worth the asking price.

3rd Target: Los Angeles WR Kenny Britt (Age: 28) – I’m hearing a whole lot of tire-kicking going on about Kenny Britt with the Cowboys, so I’ll throw him in this mix. The Cowboys need to improve the wide receivers. My theory is that Terrence Williams will follow Tony Romo where ever he ends up. The Cowboys needed to get past Terrence Williams anyways. He’s fantastic at catching slants and using his speed, outside of that one route, he’s madly inconsistent. All things considered from the first year Los Angeles Rams, and their quarterbacking, Kenny Britt had a pretty excellent season. A tick over a one thousand yard season, five scores, and really was their top option. Here in Dallas, he’s the third option, behind Dez and Jason Witten, and within that role of being opened up, Britt could flourish. This wouldn’t be a bad signing.

4th Target: Cleveland QB Josh McCown (Age: 37!) – Before I typed that 37, I thought McCown was in his early thirties, but jeez. I understand, the Cowboys want a veteran quarterback, but having one that was on the council that invented the game isn’t necessary. Okay, that’s a stretch, but still, there are other fish in the barrel. I’d rather take a roofing nailer to my thigh than even host Ryan Fitzpatrick for a visit. Shaun Hill and Matt Schaub are both equally as old as McCown. Guys like Mike Glennon, Colin Kaepernick, Matt Barkley, still have starter light within their grasp, so their money is way out of the question. But, I like Nick Foles. Or Case Keenum. Heck, I’ll take Brian Hoyer, he’s 31, logged some major minutes in his career. McCown or Hoyer, personally, I lean Hoyer, but really I lean Foles or Keenum.

5th Target: Minnesota WR/KR Cordarrelle Patterson (Age: 26) – Patterson has never been “that guy” after being taken in the first round. He’s shown flashes of potential, but really has never kept anything consistent. Patterson has been very underwhelming as a receiver, and that’s being extremely generous. Where Patterson would fit in with the Cowboys is in the ‘Lucky Whitehead’ role, a decoy/end-around/underneath the coverage burner. But, he’s always been a great kick returner, and that’s where he’s got big-time value.