St. Louis Rams vs Dallas Cowboys Preview

Will DeMarco Murray have another breakout game against the Rams? Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs
Will DeMarco Murray have another breakout game against the Rams? Photo Courtesy: Darryl Briggs

By Zach Walker

Game Info
Sunday – September 22 – Noon
AT&T Stadium – Arlington

Six turnovers and a win against the Giants, and the feeling is a possible 11-5 season. Lose a one point game, at one of the few true home fields in sports, to a team with a great defense, and it’s 1-15 time. Let’s all take a breather. The Cowboys lost because they couldn’t force a crucial turnover late in the game, to turn the tide in favor of the Cowboys. Wait. That isn’t it. This team could have won the game without a turnover. The real knife in the back for the Cowboys was the complete lack of a sustainable running game. And if anyone thinks it was because they didn’t run the ball enough is wrong. If you burn your hand on the stove, you don’t press harder, hoping that you go straight through pain to joy. DeMarco Murray’s running was terrible, 25 yards on 12 carries. That’s awful. Is it that the Cowboys just didn’t stick to the run game? Why would anyone stay with that sort of production? What I would suggest, a switch of starting running back. I’d seriously give Phillip Tanner the start, see what he could do. He just hits the holes. It’s a move that might kick start the fire inside Murray. Or maybe Murray might do what he did last time he played the Rams, and run for 250 yards. Who knows?

Sam Bradford is hot right now; he’s thrown 5 touchdowns and 651 yards, and has looked like a very number one overall pick so far this season. He has a large ensemble of targets including first rounder Tavon Austin, free agent tight end Jared Cook, and Austin Pettis. With viable options for Bradford, the Rams are eyeing the “popular” picks in the NFC West. The Rams’ defense isn’t to be underestimated. Robert Quinn is a rising pass rusher, Janoris Jenkins made the Rams look like geniuses in last year’s draft, and James Laurinaitis teamed alongside first rounder Alec Ogletree is a fierce linebacker combo. But the Rams are already pretty banged up; Chris Long, Cortland Finnegan, Rodger Saffold, and Daryl Richardson are all on the injury list.

Matchup of the Game: DeMarcus Ware vs Jake Long: It’s an All-Pro matchup. The Rams snagged a free agent gem in Jake Long; DeMarcus Ware got his first sack for the year against the Chiefs and will look to add more against the Rams.

Matchup #2: Dez Bryant vs Janoris Jenkins: Dez had a good game against the Chiefs, but that drop was a killer. Jenkins was good last season, and he has game-changing talent but hasn’t been able to snag an interception yet this season.

Matchup #3: Morris Claiborne vsTavon Austin: Austin had his coming out showcase last week against the Falcons catching two touchdowns and looking very versatile. Mo had a sub-par game against the Chiefs, then on a late, crucial third down committed a pass interference that put the final nail in the coffin for the Cowboys.

Last Week’s MVP’s: Offense: Dez Bryant; Defense: Bruce Carter; Special Teams: Dan Bailey

Prediction: St Louis – 13/ Dallas – 28

Crazy Trade reaction: If the Colts can get a big possession wide receiver (Reggie Wayne is a seasoned veteran), the Colts just might have a “triplets” situation going. Nice to see the Browns give up like a nine year old doing house chores. Their actions might be in the best intentions, but if I had bought a Richardson jersey, which because he was a third overall pick, fans did, I’d be pissed. But it definitely shakes up the draft for the Browns and the draft-able quarterbacks: Bridgewater, Boyd, Carr, and even Manziel…