Miami Dolphins Demolish the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans will be without the services for the remainder of the season of RB Arian Foster who left the Dolphins game with an Achilles injury. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal
The Houston Texans will be without the services of RB Arian Foster for the remainder of the season due to an Achilles injury in the Dolphins game. Photo Courtesy: Rick Leal

By Darius Williams

Backup quarterback Ryan Mallet missed the Houston Texans team flight Saturday morning. Catching a later charter flight to arrive in Miami with the rest of the team, it exemplified the irresponsible traits that have marred his career so far. From the opening kickoff of the Texans matchup with the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, it appeared as if the whole team had missed the flight to South Beach as well, but didn’t catch that later flight with Mallet. They didn’t showed up at all.

Down 35-0 at the half, the outcome of the game was not in doubt. The (3-3) Dolphins, led by interim coach Dan Campbell, snapped a seven game losing streak to the Texans in grand fashion. The Dolphins moved up and down the field with ease, allowing Dolphin’s quarterback Ryan Tannehill to pass for four touchdowns in less than a quarter and a half. To make things even worse, Dolphins RB Lamar Miller had 175 yards rushing on 14 carries with a TD as well as three receptions for 61 yards and a TD.

The Texans offense was stymied in the first half. Quarterback Bryan Hoyer had a pedestrian-like outing, completing just 47% of his 49 attempts for 273 yards. Receiver Nate Washington was able to find room in the secondary in the second half, finishing with 127 yards on 9 catches.

Running back Arian Foster was productive, accounting for 125 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown. The sight of him being helped off the field after going down in the 4th quarter with an apparent Achilles injury. One that will undoubtedly side line the Texans all time leading rusher for the remainder of the year.

Coach Bill O’Brien called the effort exuded by his ball club “unacceptable”. If a silver lining is what’s in search for the Texans fans, it would be the 9 points surrendered by the defense in the second half. Jadeveon Clowney provided solid pressure through out the game, registering one sack in the process. J.J. Watt moved around the line if scrimmage, looking to exploit a matchup that favored him. Two sacks came of the strategic placement of the All Pro.

Miami could have went on auto pilot after the five touchdown lead at the half. At times it looked like they did. The Texans were able to capitalize on those second half opportunities, scoring 26 second half points. It really didn’t matter, due to the the lead the Dolphins secured early in the game.

The final score was 44-26, as earlier mentioned and snapped a long losing streak to the Texans. Ryan Mallet was seen on the sidelines in uniform, so he did indeed eventually make it to Miami. It was the rest of his teammates who did play who were obviously missing in this game.