Dallas Mavericks’ season is over

The Dallas Mavericks’ 2014-2015 season comes to a finish. See you in the fall,
American Airlines Center. Photo Courtesy: Grant Laird Jr.


By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Dallas Mavericks season is now finished. It finished in a very negative way as they had numerous chances to keep their season alive, but they could not capitalize on those opportunities.

Game 5 of the I-45 playoff series was the last game of the Mavs’ 2014-2015 season. After losing the first three games, Dallas managed to avoid getting swept by winning game 4. But that victory was short-lived, as their loss in game 5 may have been their worse performance after making only 35 baskets out of 92 attempts, and with 18 turnovers. The Mavs were just 19.2% from three-point shots. Dirk Nowitzki finished the night with 22 points, going 8-23 in baskets, but 0-6 in three-point shots. Monta Ellis had 25 points, going 11-26 in baskets, and 2-7 in three-point shots. The biggest thing that hurt the Dallas Mavericks in this game was the lack of ability to make their shots, as it allowed the Houston Rockets to increase their lead causing Dallas to fall farther and farther behind.

The Mavs’ playoff series with their instate rivals, the Houston Rockets, was nothing but a nightmare for Dallas. They could not make their shots at crucial moments in games, they couldn’t find a way to contain Houston’s powerful offense, and they couldn’t stop committing crucial turnovers and fouls. The Mavericks were hoping to meet Houston in the first round with the thought of having a good chance at beating them. But, it was not to be, as Dallas just wasn’t ready to play against Houston.

During the series, the Mavs lost Chandler Parsons and Rajon Rondo due to injuries, but even without them, Dallas still could have had a good series.

Dallas is now 10-10 all-time in the first round, with the last first-round loss taking place last season when Dallas lost to San Antonio in seven games.

Had the Mavs won, game 6 would have been in Dallas, giving the Mavs home-court advantage.

It’s going to be a long off-season for the Dallas Mavericks. They need to repair their defense, and improve their shooting accuracy and stay healthy in order to avenge this painful playoff round.

The Dallas Mavericks have a lot of work to do this off season.