Bread Winners Café And Bakery

When you think “Bread Winners,” most people think sandwiches and lunchtime. But the truth is, in addition to some pretty unique combinations on their sandwich aisle, Bread Winners Café and Bakery offers some great choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The restaurant is what I would call trendy “shabby chic.” It is almost as if they tried to combine French bistro with an English pub. The bar and booths are solid, dark hardwood similar to any bar in Liverpool. Heck, the European soccer tournament was on the television over the bar. But when you survey the rest of the location, the walls are adorned with colorful paintings complete with a wine bottle chandelier suspended over the center of the dining area. Probably one of the coolest things about my visit was the place setting. Believe it or not, but my fork and knife were magnetized. The ends actually are attracted and join together. No kidding.

As far as service, it took a little while for our waitress to show up at the table, but once she did appear, things got rolling. I was very surprised how quickly we got our food delivered. This is a must, especially if you are watching the clock because you ducked out for a quick bite.

I visited Bread Winners with a buddy from work. Right off the bat, they place a plate with samples of their breads in the middle of the table. The ginger bread was awesome, but the raspberry bread got my vote.

Now, I am a big fan of breakfast any time of day, so as tempting as the sandwich and other lunch menu items looked, I went with Leo’s Favorite scrambler. Good choice. This dish is as good as it is jumbled. They take turkey, ham, onions, tomatoes, cheese and scramble them all in light egg mix. To top it off, they add just the right amount of Hollandaise sauce over the entire concoction without drowning it in sauce.

The scramble comes with a side of breakfast potatoes, which were, to be honest, the weakest part of the meal when compared to the main dish.

My buddy ordered the artichoke chicken melt. This was quite a sandwich. They take tomato basil bread, layer artichoke mayo and tender chicken across both slices, served open faced. They then add artichoke hearts, onions and smother the whole thing in Monterey Jack cheese. There is no way you are picking this thing up and eating it with your hands. According to my lunch companion, the entire sandwich all came together just right, with no one flavor overshadowing the other, including the artichoke. One extra treat were the homemade potato chips that came with the meal. I had to steal one by distracting my buddy with the classic “what’s that?” I cannot believe it worked, but the chips are lightly fried and put any chip you would find in a tube or grocery shelf to shame. As my friend so eloquently put it, “if you can make your own potato chips this good, you know you are at the right place.” He was so right.

Bread Winners earned a very happy dude rating, mainly because the food was so different. One thing I noticed on the marquee was a dinner special that I have got to return and try. They have a turkey and sweet potato meat loaf. Not something I would have imagined together to create an American staple, but that is what you should expect from Bread Winners Café and Bakery. Each meal is a real winner.

What to eat: Ginger bread, Leo’s Favorite Scramble, Rice Krispy Treats on a stick and Sweet Potato Meat Loaf

Who eats there: Business professionals, casual diners, and food yuppie

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