10 Things to Watch for the Upcoming EPL Season

One of the only Manchester United fans who we could find at the last minute. Photo Courtesy: Lucky Lynda
She was the only Manchester United fan that we could find at the last minute.
Photo Courtesy: Lucky Lynda

By Browning Stupp

Like my wife ways about my cooking… simple and to the point. That being said, here’s my list of the top 10 things to watch in EPL since the season kicks off today.

1. Will Harry Kane keep up the pace he had last year with the Spurs and will the Spurs respond around him to finally crack the top 4?
2. How many times will Jose Mo refer to himself in the third person and claim that if he had the talent of Arsenal, he would win every game?
3. How many games into the season will it take in order for Liverpool to start looking for a new coach?
4. Will Man U return to glory and who will come out in a very congested but solid midfield?
5. Is Sterling worth all the hype and the money or will he become one of the many paper Tigers of the transfer window?
6. Can Falcao get things turned around at Chelsea, which is more of his playing style or are we looking forward to a Torres-esque five month drought?
7. Can Bournemouth, Norwich and Wafford stay in the first division with a stable of young coaches and new talent, which also bring an inventive and fun brand of football.
8. Will Stoke finally start getting credit that they have deserved over the past year? Some say the even the great Messi needs to answer the question, “Yes, but can he do it on a wet Wednesday night.”
9. How does Schweinsteiger fit in with Man U?
10. Does Chelsea have enough to retain the EPL Title?