2014 Blitzies – Culture Winners

Not only is Holly McCracken Quartaro our Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas Blitzie Award winner, but she's also on the cover of this month's issue. Photo Courtesy: Thomas Garza
Holly McCracken Quartaro is our Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas award winner. Photo Courtesy: Thomas Garza

By Amber LaFrance

Jaap van Zweden – You can tell by the name alone that this musician wasn’t Texas-bred but nonetheless, this classical conductor and violinist definitely tugs at our heartstrings. In 1979 at age 18, Dutch born van Zweden was the youngest violinist ever to assume the position of concertmaster in his home city of Amsterdam. Little did he know years later, his talents would take him across the pond to America, securing the role of music director for the Dallas Symphony through 2016.
Blitz Pick: Fredrik Broden

Holly McCracken Quartaro – The Galleria Dallas pulled out the really big guns when it hired stylist and PR guru Holly Quartaro as its brand ambassador. You may have been “shushed” as your significant gawked at her on-trend fashion tips and tricks featured on Good Morning Texas and Good Day segments. Nevertheless, there is one reason that will keep this name etched in your mind; she recently was nominated the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in Dallas’ by D Magazine.
Blitz Pick: Lauren Scruggs

The Standard Pour – Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing even remotely standard about this pub. The brunch and dinner menu at The Standard Pour can easily conquer any ‘hangry’ patron’s appetite, but it doesn’t stop there. The Pour has a full bar that serves the most creative drinks and tap around. Be sure to try the Moscow Mule – a concoction of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice served in a solid copper mug.
Blitz Pick: Proof + Pantry

Chuck Steelman – The name Chuck Steelman may or may not ring a bell but the name Neiman Marcus should definitely ring a couple. The PR genius behind the luxury department store’s chic public relations campaigns surprisingly finds time to also lend his expertise as regional director to another big name in Dallas, Fashion Group International. Steelman’s impeccable style, perfectly tailored getups and well-coifed hair, proves that he has Neiman Marcus flowing though his veins.
Blitz Pick: Jack Son of Fluent

House of Blues Dallas – If you’re a concertgoer, chances are that you’ve been here at least once. The who’s who of the music industry aims to rock the crowd at this venue, without all cheesy concert fluff. From concerts, dining and private event rooms, this place is where gritty hooks up with high class and gives birth to a hipster vibe. If you’ve never been, you either A.) Are not from the Dallas area or B.) You’re not a music fanatic.
Blitz Pick: Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill

Big Texas Beer Fest – There are only two things that Texans love more than the Dallas Cowboys: good food and good beer. So it should come as no surprise that this festival draws hundreds of beer enthusiasts all waiting to sample the best 400 homegrown brews that 90 North Texas breweries have to offer. If you need to suppress that newly acquired beer buzz, the festival boasts plenty of food trucks and artisanal food to rev your engine.
Blitz Pick: Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Susan G. Komen – This infamous non-profit is in the business of breasts and doesn’t discriminate. Black, white, big and small, they love them all. For 365 days a year, the Susan G. Komen organization promotes breast cancer awareness and provides support to individuals affected by this disease. The pink ribbons have become a symbol of support to millions who have been afflicted with this stealthy cancer, that has become an increasingly common diagnosis in women and men 35 years and older.
Blitz Pick: 20 Causes 20 Days

Double Wide – If you are looking for the most random place to grab a stiff drink or an ice cold brewskie while jamming out to some of the hottest bands in Dallas, then this is your new playground. When saying the words Double Wide, you  shouldn’t think glitzy building in the middle of downtown. Nope. This establishment stays true to its name, shaking up the traditional bar scene with its blue-collar theme, which fans are totally digging.
Blitz Pick: Lee Harvey’s

Bryan Street Tavern – If you’ve been here, then you know that this tavern has some of the best food and brews around. If you haven’t, then you are missing out. Dieters beware; you will be enticed by some of the best pizza and burgers  around. You can’t forget to wash away all of your foodie sins after browsing a menu of 20+ local beers on tap and $4 you-call-it specials.
Blitz Pick: San Francisco Rose

Bone Daddy’s House of Smoke – This restaurant’s unconventional way of serving up the most traditional barbeque favorites with a twist has made it a fan favorite. Immediately upon stepping into Bone Daddy’s you realize that you are not walking into your momma’s BBQ restaurant. From Smokehouse Meat Platters to flying pig sandwiches, scantily clad hostesses serve patrons “fall-off-the-bone” meat that keeps hungry carnivores coming back for more.
Blitz Pick: Twin Peaks

Sherlock’s Addison – If you are looking for a pub that just gets to the point, then this is your place. The food menu offers way more than frilly bites, while cleverly capitalizing on traditional bar favorites. Pub Wings and Chicken Alfredo Pasta  are two popular mainstays on the roster, and what would a pub be without having some of the best drink menus around? Non-existent. Lucky for Sherlock’s, it offers some of the best “adult beverages” around.
Blitz Pick: The Gin Mill

Katy Trail Ice House – The allure of this place is not just the décor but also the layout of the building, namely the bar patio. When it’s 90 degrees at 11 p.m. on a summer’s night, who doesn’t want to jet to the patio to sip a cold beer or take a “mystery shot” with your buddies? If you raised your hand in objection, you’re sadly alone pal; patio drinking is just the Texas way.
Blitz Pick: Ozona Grill & Bar

Sarah Jaffe – You could probably name more than a few reasons why Jaffe’s “fan base cup” is spilling over these days, but No. 1 should be her voice. The sultry confidence projected from the rich tone and vibrato of her vocals in ‘Don’t Disconnect’ is unmistakable, simple and genius. This is definitely the soundtrack to a day of deep thought on the couch, complete with a muted television, while throwing back a couple of bottles of beer.
Blitz Pick: Good Morning Bad Day by TEAM*

Wendy Davis – Whether you did or didn’t vote in this year’s gubernatorial election, you would have to be living six feet under to not know who Wendy Davis is. As a rising star in the Democratic Party, Davis has stood up to her opposition and fought for what she believes in. No really. She has literally stood for hours on end in a 13-hour filibuster, on behalf of women in Texas who don’t have that same platform.
Blitz Pick: Wendy Davis

Wesley Geiger – Wesley Geiger’s folk sound reminds you of both the day when songs were simpler and the future of music. Reminiscent of Neil Young, Geiger is releasing a nine-song album produced by local legend Beau Patrick Bedford titled El Dorado, at the Kessler on November 28th at 8 p.m. His vocals are only half of the treat. Wesley will be backed by six-piece band The Texas Gentleman, followed by performances from The Orbans and Somebody’s Darling.
Blitz Pick: Luke Wade