When in Rome

By Sonny Caps

I’m a big fan of June Jones, plus both my brothers graduated from SMU. All that being said doesn’t guarantee them victories. The Ponies will have a pretty good schedule and a chance to do some damage to their conference opponents, but this opening game may not be a cakewalk into the season. Baylor, even sans RG 3, has a pretty solid team going forward this year.

SMU has Longhorn quarterback transfer Garret Gilbert, who is eligible and ready to play this year, which coupled with the twenty plus wide receivers that June has in place, may pose an offensive threat to anyone the Mustangs face. Let’s not overlook the power that RB Zack Lines will bring to the potency of the offensive firepower. If all cylinders are firing, the Mustangs can and will give anyone in Conference U.S.A. a run for their money. June in his past always provided an offensive highlight reel, win or lose, mark my words, this year will be no different.

Here’s the thing, over the course of the last few years Jones has been able to stack the defense into one that has the potential to cause serious stoppage to their opponents. Seniors Ja’Gared Davis and Taylor Reed may be the two best linebackers in the conference. Cameron Rogers, a junior, lurks in the mist and is ready to step up and show his capability. The ‘Stangs are not only an offensive threat to their opponents this year, but they have managed to accumulate a defensive hold to stop their opponents from just walking into the end zone.

The offensive line for the Mustangs is the key to the success for the season, losing five starting lineman isn’t good for any squad – especially one that’s June holds the ropes to. If these lineman can be replaced with some form of equality, the Mustangs may be able find themselves in a battle for the Conference USA title come the end of 2012.

That’s the run down for the opening of the season for the SMU Mustangs, June and the rest of the squad will hold their own destiny. I’m very interested in how they respond to being almost a two-touchdown underdog in opening day. Again, I’m no homer, but I am a BIG June Jones fan, this will be a fun season.


Get your calendar in order, college football is here!

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