What You Should Know About NO (Nitric Oxide)

Body builders and athletes frequently use Nitric Oxide Supplements in order to increase circulation while exercising, enhancing performance and endurance. The ingredients in these supplements can vary, however the goal of each product is to stimulate the production of NO that signals the lining of the arteries to relax which results in increased blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. For athletes and body builders this directly translates into an increase in lean muscle mass and reduction in exercise induced fatigue. The benefits of NO and increased circulation reach far beyond the needs of body builders and athletes alone. Individuals suffering from High blood pressure, Heart Attack, Stroke, Memory Loss, Erectile Dysfunction, Arthritis, Diabetes and other chronic states of disease can also benefit from NO’s direct impact within the circulatory system. A few medications you may be familiar with that use the Nitric Oxide pathway are Nitroglycerin, used to treat angina and Sildenafil known as Viagra, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Each medication stimulates the production of NO that directly leads to increased blood flow.

The Nitric Oxide molecule was first identified in the mid 1980’s and in 1998 was awarded the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine as a critical signaling molecule. NO is made by the cells in our blood vessels, which signals the arteries to relax. The production of NO optimizes circulation, decreases blood pressure, expands narrowed blood vessels and eliminates clots. This reduces the formation of artery-clogging plaque since the opening it passes through is not restricted. NO also plays an important role supporting the immune system by fighting infections and cancer cells. Nitric Oxide is involved in virtually every organ system in our body.

The production of NO is dependent on a many factors. Age, diet and level of physical activity all contribute to the efficient production of NO. The regular use of infared saunas, exercising, and eating foods like spinach, broccoli, and beets rich in nitrate and nitrites support the production of NO. For all you meat and potatoes lovers, it may be a good time to revisit the produce aisle at your local supermarket. If the thought of eating more veggies is not appealing then consider taking a dietary supplement. Most NO supplement formulas use the amino acid L-Arginine as their primary ingredient. Recently research has shown that after the age of 40 the L-Arginine pathway results in the decreased production of NO. Clinical studies have shown that NEO40, a groundbreaking formula free of L-Arginine, directly stimulates the production of NO in individuals 40 and older. Neogenis offers saliva test strips to assess and monitor NO status. Whether you are in your 20’s or are 40 something and want to improve your general health consider incorporating exercise, food and supplements that increase your Nitric Oxide levels.

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