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Wednesdays at 9pm starting at June 13 on TNT
What are the Ewings doings? They are taking over TV, again. Follow JR, Pam, Sue Ellen and John Ross III as they wreak havoc in DFW one more time – well until they bring it back again in the summer of 2046.

Thursdays at 8pm starting June 28 on FX
The warlock is back! Charlie Sheen returns to the small screen with this new adaptation of the Nicholson/Sandler movie. Charlie will be the world’s worst anger management therapist.

Thursdays at 10:30pm starting June 28 on FX
The coolest potty-mouth comic of the 21st century is back for another season of his auspiciously dark comedy series. Those of you who are easily offended please YouTube yourself watching this.

Sundays at 9pm starting June 10 on HBO
Season number six is upon us for this vampire phenomenon. If you didn’t know how awesome this show is, slap yourself repeatedly until you do.

Wednesdays at 9pm starting June 20 on Comedy Central
This Emmy-winning animated sitcom is the bastard brainchild of Matt Groening that gives him a way to unleash the type of crude humor that could never air on The Simpsons. Prepare to go back to the future with 13 all-new episodes.

Thursdays at 9pm starting June 21 on MTV
The ambassadors of New Jersey tourism bureau have gotten their own show sans the rest of the Shore crew. There will be alcohol, sex, cursing and pregnancy. Well…this should end well.

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