Twisted Metal

It does not take more than getting into the first cut scene of Twisted Metal for you to realize that you are about to be on one crazy, sick, and sadistic ride! Twisted Metal is the fourth installment of what is now the longest running PlayStation franchise with sixteen years in the books. Twisted Metal heads need not be disappointed in what this new title has to offer because it should defiantly live up to their expectations.

In Twisted Metal’s story mode, you are playing as three characters (Mr. Grimm, Sweet Tooth, and Doll Face) that each has a unique and sadistic wish. In order to receive their wish, they have to win Calypso’s deadly competition that consists of racing and demolition derbies. In this game, you can choose any unlocked vehicle for your character unlike the other titles where you had to be a specific character to have certain vehicles. Every chapter becomes increasingly harder. The story can be very frustrating at times, but it will keep you wanting to try over and over until you beat it. I’d say a dedicated gamer could beat the story mode in less than a day. The cut scenes were a tad bit graphic for my taste, but they added an interesting story to the game.

The multiplayer feature is what makes this game so much fun. There are variations of game modes from your typical Team Deathmatch to a new game mode called Nuke, where you race to abduct the opposing factions team leader in order to use him as a sacrifice that will missile launch into a statue being held by a helicopter. After completing this process three times, your faction wins. There are tons of unlockable cars and guns online to keep you playing for hours, but they could have done away with the obnoxious auto lock target system.

A great three chapter story mode and variation to multiplayer games will leave you spending countless hours on a game that is loads of fun. Word of advice, do not skip the titles at the end! There is a final cut scene and trophy awaiting you!

9.5 out of 10

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