Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

Good sports games are often an anomaly. New versions of what is essentially the same game are released every year at full price. But why do gamers so willingly fork over their money? Is that we are just conditioned to or it is that we genuinely hope to discover a game that was worthy of our hard-earned money? In the case of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2013, it’s because the game has been substantially overhauled, and nearly every facet of the mechanics system has been improved.

In lieu of a “pull back and let it fly” system that has, until this point, served the series well, a more meticulous swing mechanic has been added to improve realism and gave this series a much needed facelift. Gamers that actually play golf will feel more comfortable with this addition, as attention to the minutiae of your swing is critical. Slice, backspin, and roll are all at your fingertips, and at whatever severity you wish. But beware of the sand traps.

The courses look just as polished as ever, and the Collector’s Edition of the game includes 20 extra courses of 18 holes each for the small price of 10 extra dollars. There are, of course, going to be favorites. But Tiger Woods has shaped up to be the best entry in recent memory.

8 out of 10

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