The Watch

By C.J. Gardner

Three of the top comedic actors going right now team up to make audiences laugh in The Watch. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and newcomer here in the U.S., Richard Ayoade come together to grace the screen in a sci-fi comedy. The Watch is a movie that sees Stiller form a neighborhood watch after a murder happens at the Costco he manages. After teaming up with Vaughn, Hill and Ayoade, the group finds out that the person they are looking for may not be from this world. When they find an unusual weapon they discover aliens are living among them. They must stop the aliens from invading Earth and ending life as they know it.

The four main characters make for most of the comedy, with Will Forte popping up every now and again to add some funny moments as a lazy cop. Stiller is an uptight, control-freak who has a hard time letting loose. Vince Vaughn plays his normal fast-talking, witty, hardly serious character. He joined the neighborhood watch to get away from his family for a little bit and hang out with the guys. Hill plays a high school drop out who has failed in his attempts to become a cop. He is the “wildcard” and follows Vaughn around like a puppy. This could be Richard Ayoade’s breakout performance in America as he steals the scene on many occasions. He offers something new as the other three characters play the same type of characters they have their whole career.

If you enjoy dirty comedies and just want to laugh for an hour and half I highly recommend this movie. The movie has few serious moments, but gives the audience what it wants with jokes. The special effects and actions scenes are not great; so don’t go into this movie expecting to be blown away by the special effects and action scenes. It does not offer a lot in terms of a great story, but it is a hilarious movie that fans of Stiller, Vaughn and Hill will enjoy as they play their usual funny selves.

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