The Super Bowl: A Gambler’s Paradise

On Sunday, an estimated 100 million people will tune into Super Bowl XLVI. There are many Giants and Patriot fans that will watch because they crave gridiron glory, but many other’s will watch because its one of the biggest betting days in all of sports.

In Las Vegas, betting parlors are expecting to take in roughly $90 million in wagers. Millions more will be gambled online, at offshore casinos, in the break rooms at work, and over tables of wings and beer. Rapper Brian “Birdman” Williams recently tweeted that he was ready to place a $5 million dollar bet for the Patriots because his nephew BenJarvus Green-Ellis is their starting running back. I know the Internet collectively rolled their eyes, but the man once paid $500,000 for white gold-plated, diamond-encrusted teeth. That’s right, he literally put his money where his mouth is.

Although you probably aren’t betting a fortune on the game or fancy mouth jewelry, it’s smart to do your research before breaking the bank. According to Jimmy Vaccaro, the director of sports operations at Lucky’s Race and Sportsbook in Las Vegas, placing multiple bets is the way to go. It will be tempting to use your money to cheer on your favorite team, but if you hedge your bet you’ll lessen the damage if things don’t go your way. Try placing proposition bets on each team’s total yardage or how many sacks a defensive end will have. For example, if you favor the Patriots then place smaller bets on the Giants’ defense or Brady’s passing game.

Many of you will decide to take the ever-popular over-under bet and guess the total number of points scored. Just keep in mind that this game will be played on an artificial surface, with no impact from the elements, so it’s likely to be a high scoring affair. Professional gambler Lem Banker has often said that most people lose when betting on sports. He advises everyone to listen closely to what others are doing, and then do the opposite.

Personally, I’m not much of a gambler. When I spend my money I need to get something in return other than anxiety and high blood pressure. But I do love the kitsch that comes with big high stakes games. This year maybe you could take the advice of Princess, the camel, from New Jersey. She has correctly predicted five of the last six Super Bowl winners and went 14-6 during the regular and postseason. In case you’re curious, Princess has put her hump on the line and has foreseen a Giants victory.

So this year, if you do decide to brave the gambling waters, why not try sweetening the pot. I’m certain if you upped the ante by throwing in a tank of gas or a Shake Weight you’ll get a few takers. And make sure to spend this week doing plenty of research. The data out there is limitless and hyper specific to any weird small wagers you decide to take. No matter how you pick the winner or how it all turns out, I sincerely hope lady luck is on your side. Just make sure to strut proudly as you waltz into work on Monday and collected crumpled 20-dollar bills from your bitter coworkers.

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