The Pizza Pies

We have evolved enough as human beings to start choosing not just any place to eat, but the best places to eat. So, your good friends at BLITZ have taken all the guesswork out and put together an awesome list of places to stuff your face with goodness. Others have tried, but we have conquered. Behold – The List:

Hey, you look-a for the pizza pie? Well, look-a no further! Our list of pizza parlors will have you saying, “now that’s delicioso!”

Cane Rosso I
Jay Jerrier has succeeded in his mission to bring authentic Neapolitan pizza to the big D and if we were you we would immediately run out and try it. You’ll also find above average salads and the always-good pasta of the day.

Carmine’s Pizza I
Amazing NY Style pizza is what makes Carmine’s special. For those looking for a thicker pie try the Sicilian style. Carmine’s has it by the slice up to the massive 20″ large variety, which will feed 4-5 Blitz Weekly readers. They have your pasta needs covered with lasagna, manicotti, ziti and ravioli. Plus they deliver!

Coal Vines I
The highbrow of DFW pizzerias, Coal Vines, has an incredible selection and dream-inspiring flavor in every pie. We would nudge you to try the Bolognese, but any of their picks would be worth the wait – and wait you will.

Dough Bro’s Italian Kitchen I
This conveniently located casual dining restaurant has an upscale feel to it. Witness the “assembly zone” with its open kitchen creating your gourmet pizza right in front of you. Tired chicken wings? Try their pork wings. They’re meaty, juicy and tasty. The garlic dough bites are extremely popular. The Panko Crusted Chicken Parmesan is a must!

Fireside Pies I
The intimate neighborhood dining experience has been taken to the next level with Fireside Pies. Their pizza tastes delightfully natural, delicious, and right. They make you want to go after Pizza Hut with pitchforks and torches (just kidding don’t do that – they hate when you do that).

Grimaldi’s I
The coal brick-oven specialists are second to none. Their recipe has been tried and true for over 75 years. The Pennsylvania coal and the New York recipe make this pizza a can’t miss combination.

Joe’s Pizza, Pasta & Subs I
The family-owned Carrollton pizzeria has been supplying the neighborhood with homemade dishes at reasonable prices for over a decade. Get your fill on New York Style, Sicilian Deep Dish, or by the slice. Any way you want it, that’s the way you need it – we just had ourselves a little Journey moment there.

Louie may not know how to build a website, but he sure knows how to make a pie! The crust is one of a kind and crisp to near perfection. But the challenge is showing up there when its actually open.

Zini’s I
Traditional, simple, and perfect, Zini’s brings out all that is right with pizza every time they open the oven. They suit all taste buds; the foodie in the family would enjoy the Farmers Market pizza, while the picky eater would be right at home with the pepperoni.

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