The Bad Girls Club

Methuen, MA
You wanted to write children’s books when you were younger. What was your favorite children’s book? If You Gave A Mouse A Cookie.
Last time you threw a punch? The Bad Girls Club with about a week left in the house.
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Favorite thing in your closet? Jordan sandals
Most embarrassing song on your iPod? George Michael – “Careless Whisper”
100 years of being the sexiest woman on Earth or getting to live for a thousand years but you’re just average? 100 years

Hometown: Miami, FL
Most stylish girl in the house? Me…of course.
Sexiest gift that you ever received? Cold hard cash.
Celebrity that had you star struck? Pharrell, I always wanted to meet him and when I did I was at a loss for words.
Three things that a Bad Girl must always have? Liquor, lipgloss, and extra underwear.
Song that you sing out loud when no one else is home? Frank Ocean – “Thinking about you”
Fakest thing about reality TV? The people. You never know who’s putting on an act or who’s for real.
One thing that after watching the show that the whole world will know about you? I’m a big crybaby.

Methuen, MA
What’s the advantage of having a twin in the house with you? I have an automatic best friend. If sh*t hits the fan, she’s there to clean it up.
As a former Editor-in-Chief I’m sure that you read a lot, what’s your favorite book? Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
Hidden Talent? Being Myself.
How would you describe your dancing style? White girl trying to be black, so embarrassing.
Wardrobe essential? Anything swagged out. Forever 21, H&M, anything with the trends.
Favorite iPhone app? Instagram

Houston, TX
What makes a Bad Girl? Someone who doesn’t care! Someone who is self-sufficient and always ready for anything…basically me.
Song that you sing in the shower? Anything Beyonce or Lil Wayne
Three things that a successful gold-digger should know? Know your target. Know the name of his watch. Know what type of shoes he’s wearing.
One thing that you wear that always makes you feel sexy? Lipgloss or Lipstick.
Who would be sitting across from you on your dream date? Chris Brown or Lil Wayne.
Your first car? An ’07 Hyundai Sonata and I drove it like it was a Range Rover.
What’s on your DVR right now? Bad Girls Club, Real House Wives of Atlanta, The Braxton Family Values, and X-Factor. I love reality TV.
Most expensive thing that a guy has ever given you? Tiffany jewelry.

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