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Dear Arthur,
Is there any recovery from emasculation? My girlfriend beats me at everything:
carnival games, arcade games, heck she even beats me at tic-tac-toe. She is so used to
beating me that she even challenges me when we go to work out on who can stay on the treadmill the longest – and she wins…always. I feel like she doesn’t respect me as a man. What can I do to change her mind?
– Signed, Defeated Dave

Thanks for writing Dave! The emasculated male ego seems to be a reoccurring theme lately as the mainstreaming of the so-called Drake metrosexual persona takes hold upon our collective consciousness. I firmly believe that at the heart of this emasculated culture exist one truth: Men have become so far removed from the “cave men” mentality of the past that the following has occurred: Fantasy football leagues have replaced actually playing the sport, fixing things around the house has become “I’ll call a guy!”, and worst of all drinking with the guys has become sipping wine with the lady friend before bed!

Simply put men have stopped being men! And, your girlfriend is taking full advantage of this! The battle of the sexes apparently ended without us even realizing it, which might explain a lot.

You are right when you said she doesn’t respect you! How could she? You’re letting her best you at every turn! Please tell me you’re at least taking command in the bedroom? On second thought keep that to yourself!

Since you can’t beat her at things like board games or childbirth, let’s try a different route! Play some more physically demanding sports like co-ed soccer or softball. It’s a healthy competition, which is also a bonding experience that may bring you closer together. A healthy rivalry commands respect!

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