The Answer Guy: August 29th 2012

Dear Arthur,

It seems as though all the people who write in to your column are self-satisfying jerks. Have the days of genuinely nice guys and women who actually conduct themselves like ladies gone the way of the CD player? Oh relationship guru is falling in love with a descent guy in Dallas still possible?

Signed, Frustrated Janet


Thanks for writing Janet! I don’t think my readers are self-satisfying jerks.  Many of my readers are frustrated with the current state of their relationships and want a change, or some outside insight into their situation, that’s where I come in.

Years ago I worked for a telephone dating service where I helped potentially thousands of men and women find love!  It was a rewarding experience.  I realized at the end of the day is that we all let our friends, family as well as our upbringing and beliefs have to much power over who we date and why!

That’s the killing joke when it comes to happiness and love!

I’ve never advised a woman this before, but if you truly want to find a decent guy in Dallas than stop buying into what the magazines and television shows are telling women is the perfect guy!  I say this because “Mr. Right” is simply a myth created to sell millions of books on dating and relationships.

Insecurities are the other part of the equation that’s stopping women from finding a decent guy.

I understand that the above-mentioned friends, family, and the media can create all types of insecurities within one’s self; Stop feeding into them!

Dallas is full of great guys! You just have to keep your eyes open long enough to see them!


Internet dating sites are a haven for cheating married men! Stay away from them!

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