The Answer Guy: August 14th 2012

Dear Arthur,

How come that before I met my wife she was the first woman to even seem remotely interested in me in five years and now that I am married it seems like I get phone numbers written on napkins, hit on in elevators, and virtual eye sex while walking down hallways? It doesn’t seem fair.

Signed, Ring of Death Recipient

The Answer Guy thinks that you’re old enough to learn the horrible truth: LIFE ISN’T FAIR! There is a huge difference within your persona now and five years ago. You may now roam the earth dripping of swagger as if you were in a body spray commercial where women willingly throw themselves at you like roses.  However, before you traded in your Clark Kent glasses for your Superman cape you were simply a regular guy like the rest of us until you met your wife!

All credit for your transformation is given to her. Women tend to know how to mold guys like clay and make us more desirable both physically and mentally. Some ladies fear that the worse thing in the world is a guy who thinks he’s “pretty!” Why? Because a lot of guys can’t handle the added responsibility that comes with being “man candy” within the eyes of the ladies; especially if you’re in a relationship!

I see so many guys go from ashy to classy and hit the club thinking they’re Brad Pitt only to end up going astray! Some guys can’t handle the extra attention from women. They were better off being half-ugly within the eyes of other women! This is a sacred secret that some women swear by because it will keep other women away from their man!

Do yourself a favor and ignore the advances and the pheromones will nullify themselves!


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