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Dear Arthur,
My girlfriend is smoking hot and wants to become an actress. The only problem is that
she has no money and I have to pay for every plane ticket to LA or NY for her to go to auditions. Oh yeah, and there’s one other thing too; I’ve seen her acting and it’s pretty terrible. How do I gently say, “Baby it’s time for a job” without having her dump me?
– Signed, Paul

Thanks for writing Paul! You shouldn’t worry about your girlfriend dumping you, because you’re holding all of the financial cards within said “relationship.” Your girlfriend knows this! However her ”smoking hot” good looks is distracting you from realizing the leverage that you currently hold. She needs you to foot the bill for her would-be acting career, monthly bills, and other expenses!

Gone are the days of being the “Sugar Daddy” who foots the bill for unemployed hot chicks. I salute you for realizing that it’s time to put up the pocket book.

There is a solution to your dilemma that will win you cool points with her and further her ambitions at the same time. You need to make getting an acting gig her J-O-B! Give her a deadline! If she doesn’t get at least one PAYING acting gig within six weeks, tell her that you’re no longer funding her ambitions.

If you cave on this, you’ll continue to be her SUGAR DADDY! Another option is to hire a film crew and film a REALITY SHOW pilot, upload it to a website or YouTube, and wait for a network to pick it up! This could be a LONG WAIT especially if she doesn’t have an ex who is a famous ball player or rapper. I’d stick with giving her that J-O-B deadline.

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