The Answer Guy: 08/07/2012

Dear Arthur,
I met my girlfriend while she was a go-go dancer. Can I ever take her seriously?
Signed, Mike

Thanks for writing Mike! I used to think of Go-Go Dancing as varsity stripping, but I was wrong! Go-Go Dancing is a hyper-kinetic ballet of the senses that teases you when you least expect it to. I dare anyone to blink twice while watching one of these girls dance!


After reading your letter I did some research. I visited nearly every strip club in Dallas to see if I could find at least one Go-Go Dancer! However, I could not!


I came home and logged onto the net and found a few websites on Go-Go Dancing like I quickly realized that Go-Go Dancers are the popular club kids with the flurries on their legs and revealing outfits that get the party started!


Your letter states that you met her while she was a “Go-Go Dancer,” which leads me to believe that she no longer dances. If you took her seriously enough to get into a relationship with her, than you this should be a no brainer for you! The real problem here seems is that you’re getting bored with her hotness and are wondering if she has any SUBSTANCE to her character! That’s easily solved: try having a real conversation with her!


Taking a woman for granted is the quickest way to be that lonely guy sitting at home playing Call of Duty all night, while your friends are out partying. If you truly care about your girlfriend then stop thinking of her as some stupid trophy you won at the State Fair. Learn to treat her with respect, honesty, and commitment regardless of what she has done in the past!



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