T-Rex 14RR: Adrenaline With A Seat Belt

Absolutely one of the wildest rides imaginable. The Campagna T-Rex 14RR seems to have jumped right out of Leonardo DiVinci’s tablet with its design. The completely street and track legal ride is the very limited edition big brother of the company’s original T-Rex. This cyclecar can accommodate a driver and a passenger, while taking you on the ride of your life (just steer clear of potholes).

The handling capabilities of the 14RR are for lack of a better term, unbelievable for something so small and powerful. The important thing to remember while attempting to unleash all that this beast has to offer is that this is not a toy or a go kart; this is a finely tuned accelerating dragon that can and will kill you if you don’t respect its power. The adjustable suspension, high output cooling system, heavy-duty brakes, and quicker steering ratio all help to make the T-Rex an urban thrill ride until the occasional traffic light stops your fun. And oh the looks you’ll get at those lights. So whether you are driving through Plano or you want to take this street eater to the track, you will most assuredly be the coolest guy there.

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