Sundown At Granada

Music to My Tummy
Sundown at the Granada is of course the eatery of the legendary Granada Theater and it encompasses all the sights, sounds and now tastes of Greenville Avenue. Its historic  pedigree is evident in every corner of the restaurant (especially if you take a seat on the patio next to the marquee) not to mention the fact that you can get pretty plastered with their selection of over 60 beers to choose from.

Owner Mike Schoder has brought the experience of the Granada to the dinner table and has provided patrons with the feeling that Hard Rock Café always wanted to give people but couldn’t. Sundown is authentic and real rock n’ roll. From the menu categories (Opening Acts, The Encore, Headliners, etc.) to the tattooed waiters and waitresses that look like surely at sometime in their lives were roadies. This place breathes music. It’s like having a backstage access pass to Aerosmith’s kitchen.

Whether you’re in the mood for a simple bowl ofSouthwestern Chili or have the adventurous taste buds willing to try the “Free” Bird, their cleverly named free-range chicken breast accompanied by drunken mushrooms and bold pepper jack, Chef Patrick Stark is prepared to please (man up and give the Hammed Goat a try as well). I would not be doing my job if I didn’t recommend the monument of carnivorous perfection, the Man-itoba Burger. That’s right, this meat-seeking missile is amazingly tender barbecue brisket topped with pecan smoked bacon and a cheddar cheese so good you may want to stand on your table and start air guitaring. Seriously.

It’s Greenville Avenue. It will always be a friendly style of eating experience. The staff really makes you feel like you have insider access to something – like you are part of something really cool (I refuse to use the cliché “part of the band” …oh no, I said it didn’t I, dammit). I truly enjoyed it.

The beer, my friend. The beer. Drink early and drink often. Another thing about this place that is awesome are their desserts. Ok, so I know desserts aren’t “manly” but guys grow a pair and don’t be afraid to try the Pop N’ Rock Brownie or my personal favorite the S’Mores Dessert Shot – a flaming marshmallow, chocolate cream vodka shot, and some graham cracker crumbles…ahh, just like grandma use to make.

What to eat: Any of the burgers, Stuffed Avocados with Endive, and Pop N’ Rock Brownie

Who eats there: Hipsters, rockers, famous people, and the occasional McKinney Avenue

Contact Info:
Sundown at Granada
3520 Greenville Ave.
Dallas TX 75206
(214) 823-8305

Mon-Sun 4pm-2am

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