Sizzling Hollywood

Sure movie stars are cool, but there is nothing that will steal a guy’s heart faster than a beautiful woman that can heat things up in the kitchen too. These women know exactly how to spice life up, while remaining gorgeous in the process. They are like Heidi Klum meets Paula Dean. Chefs, cooks, and vixens of the stove we salute you and hold up our forks to your greatness. Salù.

Casey Thompson
The Fort Worth Wonder was the padawan (three points for sneaking in a Star Wars reference) of Dean Fearing and has become quite the chef in her own right. This Top Chef: All-Stars alum represents Texas awesomely well.

Padma Lakshmi
The Emmy-winning beauty of Bravo’s Top Chef knows how to deliver quality cuisine and turn heads with her age defying looks. Pick up one of Lakshmi’s cookbooks and see why she is an award-winning author.

Eden Grinshpan
EdenEats and we drool. The Cooking Channel’s stunning show host has traveled all over the world eating (and obviously at some point exercising). Being a world traveler only adds to her sex appeal.

Rachael Ray
Everyone’s favorite TV chef has had our undivided attention since 2001. Rachael has since become a media mogul reigning supreme on bookshelves, magazine covers, TV screens, product sponsorships, and the Forbes List.

Giada De Laurentiis
The Giada at Home host is the Italian super chef and our honorary hottest chef on the planet nominee. If you want to get closer to Giada just go to you local Target and buy one of the 10 bagillion products there with her image on it.

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