Scale The Summit

Think of your favorite band. What makes this band so special? Is it the lyrics and how they flow with the rhythm? Is it the way the members construct the songs? Perhaps you are a musician yourself and you respect the guitar work. Of course, your favorite band mixes all of these elements together, creating a journey for your senses. The notes dance through your mind as your body feels the beat flow through every nerve. Music is an experience, and one band has made an experience unlike any other.

Scale the Summit, formed in Houston, Texas, is purely an instrumental ensemble, but do not let this detour you. The quartet, using their technical prowess and musical mastery, has crafted some of the most beautiful songs that have ever graced venues around the country. Seven-string electric guitars coupled with a six-string bass are layered with double-bass drums, an unconventional choice in instruments, yet a magical combination. Chris Letchford, Mark Mitchell, Pat Skeffington, and Travis Levrier have broken the barriers of classical, metal, progressive, and other genres, delivering the masterpiece that is their music.

The band went relatively unnoticed after the release of their debut album, Monument. The album gained them a few tours and new fans, but not much else. It was their second release, Carving Desert Canyons that pushed the band into the spotlight. Melodic tunes such as “The Great Plains” and “Giants” showed the world their unique style and sounds. The success of the album prompted nationwide tours with local bands and even the legendary progressive group Dream Theater. But Scale the Summit was far from finished. The four musicians were soon recording another album, which hit shelves back in March 2011. Titled The Collective, Scale the Summit upped their game by unleashing the entirety of their talent. Melodies cascaded throughout the songs; waves of pure song washed over the entire disk. It was the definition of music.

Having now established a loyal fan base by tirelessly touring and recording, Scale the Summit has decided to take on a headlining tour throughout the US. The band will be dropping by many states to play their set, which is more of an experience than a concert. Do not hesitate and miss out on this amazing show, nor should you continue to miss out on hearing their music. The soulful tracks should be experienced first-hand, but they should be experienced nonetheless.

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