Retro Mac iPhone Cases / BoxWave Keyboard Buddy

Retro Mac iPhone Cases
Our buddies at Schreer Delights have summoned up some old feelings of nostalgia with these Retro Mac iPhone Cases. Now you can protect your portable telecommunications device and pay homage to the inventions that preceded it all at the same time. The ultimate example of Geek Chic went faster than Kim Kardashian’s hopes of joining a convent. Hopefully they’ll bring them back so we can get ours.
Price: $45

BoxWave Keyboard Buddy
Love the iPhone but hate touch screen typing? Well BoxWave has the solution. Presenting the Keyboard Buddy. Turn your iPhone into a lean, mean, QWERTY machine. Although it won’t be as lean and it’s meanness has yet to be proven, but it will most definitely be a QWERTY machine! The case is Bluetooth with integrated Apple commands for Apple iPhone 4 and 4s.
Price: $40

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