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A little action, a little romance, a beautiful girl and two really hot guys; This Means War has a little something for everyone! Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine who won me over in the last Star Trek and Tom Hardy who got his break out role in the movie Warrior all star in the new McG action comedy about two best friends, FDR and Tuck (Pine and Hardy), who are also the world’s deadliest CIA operatives and inseparable partners…until they both fall for Lauren Scott, a beautiful consumer advocate magazine product evaluator, played by Reese Witherspoon. Having once helped bring down entire enemy nations, they are now using their skills and an endless array of high-tech gadgets against their greatest nemesis ever—each other! I sat with the Academy Award winning actress to talk about the film and how to choose between two wildly handsome and exciting guys, should I ever (hopefully) find myself in the situation!

Tell us about your character. This movie is every girl’s fantasy to have two unbelievable sexy, hot guys interested in you, and my character Lauren starts the film and she’s kind of having a rough go of it with her ex-boyfriend. That breakup was really hard on her; so, it’s kind of this ultimate wish fulfillment that she gets to date two hot guys at once, and they’re both interested in her. It’s definitely a fantasy though.

Let’s talk about the guys in this film. Tom Hardy is one of your suitors. Why him? Tom Hardy plays Tuck, and he is this amazing British actor who has just exploded onto the movie scene, and everybody’s just so about Tom because he has such incredible energy, and he has a mind that goes a hundred miles and hour. He’s also just the sweetest most loving guy in real life. He was the perfect casting for Tuck because Tuck is obviously very physically strong like Tom is, but he has such a soft heart and is looking for a relationship.

And Chris Pine? Chris Pine plays FDR, and he’s just fantastic for that character because he’s very composed and put together and very fast talking and quick witted so is his character. His character is always talking him and Tuck out of situations. He’s sort of the brains behind their operation; so, he’s just a perfect match for that character. It’s funny too. They are both very different people and very different characters, but it’s nice to see them have such a great friendship off and on screen.

I love that your good friend Chelsea Handler is in this movie with you. And she’s perfect as that goading best friend. How was it working with her? There’re very few people who are as funny as Chelsea; so, we were very lucky to get her in the film. She’s one of those women who all the girls I know who have read her books and watch her television show completely relate to her and thinks she’s so funny because she talks the way girls talk.

How did this experience compare to the other movies you’ve done? This was a first for me. I’ve never made an action film. They’ve got all kinds of crazy sequences of car chases and shootouts and people jumping off of buildings. It was really fun. We had a really good time. The boys got to shoot guns and have all kinds of action and they were really good at it; so, it was great!

You can go check out all the action of This Means War tonight. The film is open in theatres nationwide.

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