Red Dog Right


Must haves:
The Chi-Town Dog, BBQ Hand Pulled Chicken Pizza, and the house-made soft pretzels.

Who Eats There:
Sports nuts, homers, buddies and “the guys.”

3311 E State Hwy 114
Southlake, TX 76092
(817) 289-7444

Mon-Thu: 11:00am-11:00pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00am-2:00am
Sun: 10:00am-10:00pm


First off, I’m a sucker for hot n’ spicy food and the wings here were good, but as I said I like HOT HOT HOT and SPICY. So, I know sometimes my assessment may be a little off. The wings where good, cooked well, and breaded appropriately, spicy? Yes, hot and fire? No. But still good for the norm.

The restaurant is kind of new to its area in Southlake off of 114, but I see no reason this place won’t be a success. The waitresses and bartenders aren’t clad in bikini tops, so you can take your wife or girl there with no hiccups (trust me this matters). The overall set up, seating, and TVs for sports viewing are near the top of ranking for any sports bar or restaurant in the area. The menu is extensive and has everything from burgers to steaks, I was just in the mood for wings that day and although I didn’t get my Adam Richman-like spiciness appetite satisfied, I will be back if for no other reason the overall set up. When it comes to aesthetics and service, a place set up like this is hard to find. This isn’t for a first dinner date, or when you’re trying to make up for screwing up, this is a sports bar-restaurant and one of the classiest.

I was somewhat concerned at first when I met my brother there for a late lunch and a few drinks, as we sat at the bar we were two of six people in the whole place. I remembered about halfway through the meal we were in Southlake at 2pm on Thursday, point being, this isn’t like being in the city, most people here work and the affluent that don’t are at the country clubs playing golf or cards this time of day. So, Red Dog Right being relatively empty didn’t concern me anymore. If you want to sit anywhere, get undivided attention and good food this is the place to go during the day. From my understanding, go after business hours or on a weekend when sports are in full effect and good luck getting seated immediately.

Like I said, some of the best seating and all brand new big screens placed accordingly around the restaurant. The bar area is open to the patio, which also has viewing and seating as well. The proprietors here aimed to make this more than “wing and beer” sports bar and they succeeded. Even if you don’t live west of the airport, your efforts to make a visit will be awarded with quality food, services and sports viewing. If you’re a heat seeker like myself, get your satisfaction somewhere else; this is sports, quality services, overall good food, and atmosphere.

Overall, price is mid-ranged, menu is extensive, service is great, management’s attention to detail is high, and other than highway construction, location is good. It’s definitely a place to take in a game or a few brews with you buddies and you should have no problem taking your lady friend here either since the girls are fully clothed. I’ll most likely be a regular for football season. Is it that good for viewing games and getting waited on you ask? YES!

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