Project X

I gotta tell you, Matthew Broderick and his Air Force chimps are no where to be found in this cinematic masterpiece that is a shoe in for next year’s Oscars and Canne Film Festival. Yes, I believe Meryl Streep when asked about this movie was quoted saying, “This film had me laughing my f**king balls off!” And then she hit the beer bong and started beat boxin’ some Doug E. Fresh songs.

Honestly, if you took every major party movie ever made and crushed them down into one movie starring all nobody actors and one angry dwarf you would have one single solitary tear rolling down your cheek because you my friend would have created Project X. The faux-documentary (or faucumentary if you) will follows three high schoolers on a quest to reach legendary status by throwing one insanely huge party.

Fun, destruction of family property, nudity (shame on them), anarchy, chaos, balloon floating dogs, and the most awesome party known to man all help make this movie make Porky’s look like it was made by Disney. Now be aware, most of the people with you in the theater watching Project X will be drunk, high, or possibly tripping on acid and they will undoubtedly go home and set their parents house on fire, but you shouldn’t worry about this (unless they live on your street). This film will become the bar by which party movies must try to aspire to; parents will cringe, neighbors of teenagers will look on with shock and awe, wastoids (like myself) will applaud.

The movie is fun. Go see it. Go enjoy it. Go survive it.

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