Project Detroit

This ain’t your daddy’s Mustang. Microsoft teamed up with Ford and West Coast Customs (of Pimp My Ride fame) and put together a vehicle that is filled with imagination, high-tech coolness, and badass muscle to show that in the realm of Apples and Androids they can still make some pretty awesome stuff. Introducing Project Detroit, be afraid – be very afraid.

The neo-retro mashup comes with a with a Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect (stashed away in a taillight), a Windows smartphone (which controls almost all of the cars functions), a rear window that doubles as a projection screen, Ford Sync, Windows 8, and more all tucked into the classic body of a 1967 fastback. Nice. Oh yeah and the horn can be changed to play ringtones. This pony does more than just sit there and look pretty; the guts of this bad girl are all Mustang – 2012 Mustang to be exact. So, the heart is still purebred therefore expect her to get up and go. And you can see how fast on your all-digital computer display gauges. Saddle up.

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