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Owners of Apple products, such as the iPod and iPad, should be familiar with podcasts. For those who are unfamiliar, think of a podcast as a radio station tuned to your specific interests. Thousands of these audio shows are available via iTunes, granting listeners a moment to hear the opinions of political activists, share the jokes of comedians, catch sports highlights, and listen to the newest technological advancements. With so many podcasts available on a wide variety of subjects, one may find it difficult to find the perfect show. That is where Your Everyday Nerd steps in.

This podcast, created in the Frisco area by a group of friends, centers around nerd culture. That is to say, it is a show that welcomes anyone who may be interested in gaming, technology, movies, etc. Though starting small, Your Everyday Nerd is expanding and growing, along with its fan-base. Offering a wide array of content, YEN releases its weekly episodes, granting new information and reviews. I sat down with podcaster Daniel Barros to discuss the content of the show.

So tell me a little about the Your Everyday Nerd podcast. Why cover so many topics?
We try to cover everything that’s going on in the nerd world, and at times it can be a little
daunting of a task. As a rule of thumb, we try to go with at least one video game, one comic, and one movie-related story that’s personally relevant every week. Our latest format includes a “What We’ve Been Nerding” segment that basically covers anything our podcasters like to talk about, but essentially it’s just things that the group has been doing over the past week that we can provide commentary on. We also try to get everyone together for a larger group format discussion at the end of every episode.

Is there a set amount of time for each episode?
We try to go for at the very least an hour every week. With 27 episodes and more than a handful of our “Fan Fic Theater” episodes, we’ve found that the average listener only wants to hear us ramble on nonsensically for about an hour.

Do you structure each episode or is it more freeform?
It’s about as structured as we can manage without it being too stifling for the listener. We
try to have larger, encompassing segments that allow all of our guests to talk at length about what they want that particular week, as well as group discussion segments.

Do you charge for each episode?
I’m not big into huge, sweeping gestures, but I’ll make one for you right now: the episodes have always been free and always will be free. We don’t believe in charging people for our episodes.

What does the future hold for YEN?
Hopefully jetpacks and pizza hydrators. I’ll either settle for that or more listeners – your move, future.

[Laughs] Is there anything you’d like to add?
If you’re reading this and you’re even mildly interested in anything I’ve said, go check us out at the website and give our stuff a listen. You’ve got nothing to lose, and to sweeten the deal, we’ll give you all of it for free, always. Or at least until our servers explode.

Episodes of Your Everyday Nerd are available on iTunes or www.youreverydaynerd.com.

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