Plate Escapes: Barcadia Dallas

When Alice jumped through the rabbit hole she wound up at Barcadia. I admit that before heading there I thought the idea of a restaurant like this was a bit hokey and I may have even called it “tragically juvenile”. But what I did not realize was how much fun it was and the memories that the nostalgic décor drums up.



What it lacks in Highland Park pedigree it makes up for in Greenville Ave. charm. The patio is so awesome (although with the heat I would wait until fall to fully appreciate it). As soon as you walk in you absorb the laid back vibe and are taken aback by giant Jenga pieces. Once you get over the teenage nerd dream of it, complete with an out of this world ‘80’s soundtrack playing in the background, you can quickly see why this is a destination bar. The beer specials keep the place quite crowded with the local SMU dorm

escapees so the building itself seems to come to life especially on the weekends.



Yes it is a bar and yes they serve bar food, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be good – because it is good, quite good as a matter of fact. While you are working on that pitcher of beer and attempting to beat your friend at Street Fighter scarf down some Pita Triangles (thick grilled to a crispy and warm perfection pita with homemade hummus) or if you are old school you could devour Billy’s Fried PBJ, which is exactly what it sounds like, a meal fit for the State Fair.


As far as sandwiches go, at Barcadia they are king. From the Phoenix Club to the Mario these guys deliver. They’re flavorful and just plan good – and not bar food good – good food good. Dog the Bounty (a delicious and Texas hotdog that has to be eaten to believe) and Big Ol’ Burrito are waiting on the menu for you more adventurous types. I’m more of a Spicy Taco’s type of girl myself. The grilled chicken was seasoned well so were the rice and beans redolent of cocina de una madre Mexicana.



Normally right on point, but if things get a little slow you can always go knock out a couple of rounds of Connect 4 XL and bicker back and forth with your buddies about which micro-brew that they have on tap is the best. By the time that you all come to the unanimous decision of Maui Brewing Company your food will be right there waiting for you.



You can eat and play skee-ball at the same time… and they said heaven isn’t on earth. Their 11am to 3pm Sunday brunch is legendary. You can overindulge with Make Your Own Omelets or Shiner drenched BBQ wings and go swimming in enough $4 mimosas to have you positively hammered by the time you head to back to your friend’s house to watch the game.


What to eat: Triple Grilled Cheese, Dog the Bounty, Spicy Tacos, and the Tilapia Po-Boy


Who eats there: Bar nerds, kids at heart, patio lovers, and Jenga addicts

By Angela Navin –

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