Perfect Gentleman

In this day in age it is becoming harder and harder to find men of character. Modern exemplifications of chivalrous behavior are vague and too often go unrecognized. Make it easier and give the world more examples. This serves to provide a new perspective on some age-old collected wisdom. The following are not rules but rather guidelines for etiquette and life to help you remain a cut above. Break the mold.

A gentleman keeps at all times his watch, his wallet, and a kind word.

A gentleman understands the difference between age and maturity.

A gentleman is always looking for ways to further refine himself through languages, travels, history, and literature. Constantly building upon oneself so that the man he is tomorrow is greater than the man he is today.

A gentleman’s manners are as indispensable to him as his sense of style. Sarcasm is the fodder of the intellectually inept.

A gentleman can make her feel that in a world of 7 billion only she and he exist.

A gentleman respects the time of others, punctuality is part of his character.

A gentleman can communicate without the use of expletive. A crass vocabulary is a sure sign of questionable character.

A gentleman is not above an apology. Sincerity is in his nature.

A gentleman is a defender. Should he stand in a position of power it should become a pedestal on which to lift up those that cannot reach it themselves.

Being a gentleman is a matter of purpose, integrity, morality, humanity and a little magic.

A gentleman knows how to take something that everyone knows and make it a little better…a little cooler. It is in his nature.

Gentlemen – open doors, hold elevators, smile, keep promises, be genuine. Do these and you will quickly see how different you are from those who do not.

-taken from The Fresh Generation Handbook by C. Patterson

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