Nikon D800 / Gerber Steady Multitool

Nikon D800
Why not put your Multitool to the test and prop the Nikon D800 on that tripod. Feel like a TMZ photog and capture images with ISO 100 to 6400 and have the ability to broadcast high quality video too. And before you pass out from an overload of awesomeness, the D800 also has a 91,000-pixel RGB light meter. Boom. You’ll have the girlies posing in no time.
Price: $2999

Gerber Steady Multitool
What if someone put drivers, a wire cutter, requisite knives, and a bottle opener on to a handy dandy mini tripod for snapping those perfect pictures on your camera or smartphone? Well, that’s exactly what Gerber did with the Steady Multitool. It will quickly make you the coolest geek in the office. All hail, king of the pocket protector!
Price: $45

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