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We have evolved enough as human beings to start choosing not just any place to eat, but the best places to eat. So, your good friends at BLITZ have taken all the guesswork out and put together an awesome list of places to stuff your face with goodness. Others have tried, but we have conquered. Behold – The List:

Sit down, stay a while, have another glass of wine, tell us more about your cat dander allergies. It doesn’t matter because the food here is friggin’ awesome.

Arcodoro Pomodoro I
Impress all of your friends with a night out here. The food is beyond amazing (not in the hyperbolic sense – I mean literally full of wonderment like a Sardinian Disney land), the atmosphere is nice and you will leave feeling full and fulfilled.

Big Shucks I
Whenever you have a taste for the bounties of the Gulf head over to Big Shucks. Their fried baskets, boiled seafood, platters, and oysters on the half shell will make you forget all about any impending summer droughts.

Dick’s Last Resort I
This is the perfect place to blow off a little steam and be you. Dick’s is as comfortable as dinning gets and they have the right sized portions to fill you up. So, “whether you’re a dysfunctional family, unruly fan, or unsuspecting grandmother” – no one will treat you the way Dick’s will. Guaranteed.

Kampai Sushi & Grill I
Tired of barbeque and chicken fried steak, then venture east to Kampai. They have just what you need to bring your taste buds out of the southwest for a while. Try out the Japanese Red Snapper sushi or sashimi and a side dish of Oshinko.

Kenny’s Burger Joint I
The Stonebriar Commons mainstay is a great place to meet up with friends and grab some good food. Convince one of your friends to try the El Jeffe Grande; It will make your night.

Kuby’s Sausage House I
Nothing is manlier than sitting down to sausage and potato cakes, and Kuby’s has the best (and their Rueben sandwiches aren’t too shabby either)! This Man v. Food Nation alum has the right recipe for success. Best of all it won’t send you to the poor house when you get the bill.

Lue’isiana Po Boys I
A little bit of N’awlins wound up in Carrollton with this “hot sub sandwich” shop. It’s a good place to sit down, kick back, and enjoy a really good po-boy with friends or co-workers. Of course, our favorite is the authentic shrimp po-boy.

Mike Anderson’s BBQ I
Bo may know football, but if he doesn’t know Mike Anderson’s BBQ then he doesn’t know #$%*! Mike has been making mouths water in DFW since 1981 and won’t be slowing down as long as that fire burns hot. Go get sauced on BBQ.

Nate’s Seafood and Steakhouse I
Nate’s been taking care of folks for almost 25 years and still has a great sense of humor and great dishes. The New Orleans influence is prevalent here with offers like gumbo, crawfish, and alligator po-boys. Try the Chilean Sea Bass for something new or a classic like the New York Strip.

Sushi on McKinney I
The Texas sushi icon has producing their sweet creations since 1983. And with more than just great sushi (they also serve a variety of Japanese beers and Sake) Sushi on McKinney should top your list for a relaxed and fun night out.

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