Mario Walker

How You Know Him:SMU standout athlete turned- standout teacher. Mario is giving his students the playbook to success.

What’s the most rewarding part about being a teacher?
The most rewarding part about my job is building relationships with all of the students. It’s so great to laugh and joke with the kids while they are learning and recalling  information that you have taught them. It is such a huge blessing.

What’s the biggest correlation between football and the classroom?
The biggest correlation is relaying the information so that they understand what you are saying. On the field you may have to walk through a play, draw it up, or just talk about it so the player understands. The same thing applies in the classroom. You may have to draw it up, read it over, give real life examples, or whatever else it may take for your students to get the point of your lesson.

Your proudest moment in cleats was…
Playing in the state championship my senior year in high school. We lost, but no one in the world would have thought we would have made it that far after being 1-9 two years before.

In an MMA fight who would win: Bill Nye the Science Guy or Dr. House?
Without a doubt in my mind, Bill Nye would bring the pain. How can a guy that can barely walk beat one of the coolest scientist to ever roam the earth.

One book everyone in the world should read…
I’m all about reading my Bible, however, I believe anything that can make someone sit and search their soul and honestly reflect on life is a must read.

Surefire way to get detention is…
Come in my class whiney, lazy, and disrespectful. I am pretty tolerant but if you are any of those things then there is a good chance I’ll see you after school.

Most memorable moment in the classroom…
The first time I heard a student walking down the hall using terms and information that I taught them. It had something to deal with map skills, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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