Little Hotties

Hunkering down for a big game means lots of cold suds and hot wings. The hotter the better…right? You know you want some…

Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Triple XXX
The prize assets here are of course the friendly, attentive, beautiful Hooter Girls and…wings. There’s something special about the breading on the wings and how they absorb the sauce – or enjoy simply naked wings. They offer the “911” and, yes, it’s hot but with minimal flavor. The “Three Mile Island” variety is very hot and has a great flavor. You can’t go wrong with the boneless wings if you like more meat, but there is just something about “cleaning the bone” when consuming these humble poultry treats.
– Mary Szefcyk

Buffalo Wild Wings
Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Blazin’
Home of something their marketing gurus have dubbed “tablegating” – this should be pretty self-explanatory – Buffalo Wild Wings features big screen TV’s along with the traditional and boneless wings. With 16 sauces and 4 dry rubs, there’s really something for everyone at here. And they don’t mess around; the heat factor is no joke. If you order them “hot,” you’d better be ready for the sensation of having an extreme heat level jump up and surf the big one on your mouth.
– Mary Szefcyk

Duke’s Original Roadhouse
Multiple Metroplex Locations –
Hottest Wings: Ghost Pepper
The wings served at Duke’s may well be the largest in the Metroplex. These great big beauties are meaty, breaded and tossed in your choice of sauce. Choose from five flavors: Original, Teriyaki, Garlic Parmesan, BBQ and Ghost Pepper (which is 300x hotter than a jalapeno). Get there on Monday nights, when they have seventy-five cent wing special after 8 pm. Get a Tower of Power with your favorite adult beverage, some friends, these wings and take in the ballgame for a night on the town!
– Stan Kowalski

Pokes Neighborhood Grill
14831 Midway #101 – Addison –
Hottest Wings: Texas Hot
The menu says it all, “In the mood for something naked and not having any luck, try our wings, they never say no (And the name is Poke’s…tee hee).” Who could say no to that? All joking aside, the wings here are in the words of Bill and Ted “most excellent”. Order six for a snack or twelve for a meal better-priced bargain. There are six flavors to choose from: Mild, Hot, Texas Hot, Lemon Pepper, Garlic Pepper and Asian Ginger.
– Stan Kowalski

Wing Stop
Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Atomic
Troy Aikman claims to be the number one fan of these aviation-themed joints. Cooked-to-order, these wings are never breaded. They also offer boneless breaded strips and wings, along with online ordering and amazing honey mustard sauce. Try the Garlic Parmesan wings! Wing Stop has nine flavors to choose from ranging from Mild to Atomic (prepare to be set on fire) to Cajun and more. On Mondays and Tuesdays they offer the boneless version for .50 each! Yummy!
– Mary Szefcyk

Fox and Hound
Multiple Metroplex Locations –
Hottest Wings: Hot
These wings are a bit of lightly breaded greatness. Order 10 or 20 and choose your sauce (nine flavors)! All are served with celery and ranch or Bleu Cheese. In regards to the flavors, Fox & Hound offers: Mild, Medium, Hot, Hot Honey, Spicy Garlic, BBQ, Hot BBQ, Honey Mustard BBQ and Sweet Chili Garlic. We recommend trying them all before selecting one as a favorite. On Monday, they have fifty-cent wings all day, in batches of five. Come Hungry!
– Stan Kowalski

Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill
Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Cardinals
The home of BILL’Z KILLER WINGZ is a serious sports bar. They have flags, endless flat screens, watch parties, and the beer flows here like the Nile in May. The place is a complete party zone and the wings simply add to the experience. Available in seven flavors Frankie’s focus is on the quality instead of the multitude of sauces. If their wings were superheroes they would be the Spider Man of wings. Not Superman or Batman, but will still kick your butt!
– Ben Agin

Pluckers Wing Bar
Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Fire in the Hole
“If you don’t like our wings, we’ll give you the bird!” Well that won’t be necessary for now. These guys weren’t just “winging” it (get it? It’s a wing joke!). They know exactly what they are doing in the kitchen. Pluckers is our kind of wing place; very laid back and they take their wings gosh darned seriously. In the sauce category, we assume the thinking was “Let us have every flavor known to man!” (Most likely in a booming Thor-like voice)
– Ben Agin

Boomerjack Wings & Grill
Multiple Area Locations –
Hottest Wings: Nuclear
Sit down order a beer, 20 of these finely seasoned gameday wings and watch the NFL playoffs from almost any angle of the room in what turned out to be an incredibly fun place to be. They’ve got nine serious flavors that they have put some time into perfecting. Overall, this is just a really cool place. The waitresses are nice, and they have one heck of a bartender. Mr. BoomerJack, you have our seal of approval. Pass the napkins.
– Ben Agin

Angry Dog
2726 Commerce – Dallas –
Hottest Wings: Superhot
A 20-year veteran of the wings repertoire, Angry Dog has received numerous awards and recognition (including from us) for their greatness. Their wings are as naked as can be (exactly the way Hugh Hefner orders them) and are served either Regular or Superhot. Feeling macho? Trust us, the superhot is a must for those who love to spice things up and have not yet graduated to eating lit matches. Order 10 or 20…you can’t go wrong!
– Stan Kowalski

What you didn’t know about Buffalo Wings
–- A serving of four hot-flavored wings contains 20 percent of your daily Vitamin A intake.

–- The National Buffalo Wing Festival held in Buffalo, New York brings in 400,000 hungry patrons, who scarf down 2.4 million (yes million) wings. And we’re guessing several truckloads of napkins.

–- The Wing Bowl, which is traditionally held on the Friday before the Super Bowl, had a record-breaking day in 2011 when 2x champion Jonathan “Super” Squibb devoured 255 wings to take home his third trophy.

–- Buffalo wings originated at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York on October 30, 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo. They now serve 70 thousand pounds per month.

–- In the city of Buffalo, New York July 29 is “Chicken Wing Day.” There is also an online petition to get Congress & the Senate to recognize “National Buffalo Wing Day.”

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