Lazaranda Mexican Seafood Grill

Spectacular food, Mexican or otherwise, isn’t often found at bargain prices. But that’s exactly what you’ll find at Lazaranda, a stunning new restaurant in Addison Walk.

Sushi grade fish in the tuna tostada with creamy chipotle dressing, priced on the menu at $5.99, is a meal in itself – but don’t stop there. A killer shrimp ceviche, served as a tostada, is also a full meal for a light eater ($4.99).

At these prices, it’s much less expensive to have a high-quality meal at Lazaranda than it is to cook at home. The casually charming Lazaranda, with its lovely, spacious patio, isn’t a first-time restaurateur operation. Owners Mario Letayf and Antonio Marquez are from Monterrey, Mexico, where they are involved in five successful restaurants.

Marquez cooked for the likes of Gene Hackman and Brooke Shields at an uber-trendy French bistro in Santa Monica, CA, while Letayf’s administrative skills makes Lazaranda’s unusually diner-friendly concept viable. They’re a good team.

Experience counts. Trusted relationships with purveyors count. In a location like Addison, with its numerous restaurant choices, the competition is tough. Sometimes – rarely – a restaurant is so well run and managed that throwing food cost to the wind to enhance the dining experience works, too. Lazaranda is such a restaurant.

Tex-Mex this is not. And I’ll go you one better: Lazaranda is serving extremely high class Mexican food, the kind you’d feast on at a fancy dinner party in one of Mexico’s coastal resort towns or a high-end restaurant in Mexico City. Dozens of overpriced Dallas seafood restaurants could learn a thing or two from the way Letayf and Marquez have set up their food rotation and menu. They mean to feed you plentifully and well at a price you can afford – and they’re succeeding.

Imagine that, a concept that includes giving the diner an extraordinary value for exquisite food that’s prepared beautifully and served by people who are well-trained. Ask your server for recommendations; he’s probably sampled everything on the menu, which is as it should be. There’s no extra charge for the warm smile and charming attitude.

Ribeye tacos and lobster tacos ($4.99 and $6.99, respectively) and a blue crab tostada ($5.99), featuring a large portion of lime and spice-marinated real blue crab – the kind you can’t find at sushi bars anymore – topped with red onions, cilantro, serrano oil and guacamole are on my list of favorites. And yes, Lazaranda makes their own fresh tortillas – on a real comal – from an ancient masa recipe. You can definitely taste the difference.

If you’re wondering about the name, a zaranda is a special piece of equipment used to grill fish and meats over a fire. Signature dishes like the grilled beef tenderloin with panela cheese, cactus leaves and caramelized onions top out at $21 for a hefty entrée-sized portion.

Desserts are wonderful, especially the dense corn cake and thick, rich flan.

I always grab a handful of the amazing little candies they keep in a bowl at the hostess’ desk. Pina coladas and (singing) “you put de lime in de coconut” concoctions have nothing on these beauties.
Oh, and there’s a full bar.

Contact Info:
5000 Beltline Rd. Ste 850
Dallas, TX 75254
Neighborhood: Addison
(972) 866-8900

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