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Comedian Josh Wolf spends a lot of time at Starbucks. In California, and for a parent with a full schedule, maybe this is considered normal. If you didn’t recognize his face or ask him to tell you a witty story about his kids, you wouldn’t really think twice about him, but this thin, scruffy-faced sports fan is a certified hero. Splitting his time between raising three children and hitting the comedy circuit, he’s a regular panel member on Chelsea Lately, as well as the show’s spinoff, After Lately. He caught the performing bug at age 16, when his father decided the best way to rid him of his smart-ass ways was to publicly humiliate him. He took him to a local comedy club and made him get onstage, to surprising – and positive – results. Years later he’s written for TV shows including Yes, Dear and Will Smith’s All of Us, saying of its famous creator, “he’s a really cool guy.” Between writing, performing, and parenting, he’s a busy man, but somehow still finds time to respond to many of the Tweets he receives from fans. He even had the time to chat with me about his career, affection for Bill Cosby, and what’s up next for his blossoming career, doing what comes most natural to him.

Q I You’ve been working in comedy for over a decade. How did you get your start?
I just realized I wasn’t really good at anything else. There was no way I could wake up every day and do something semi-intelligent in the morning.

Q I If you weren’t doing comedy, what would you be doing?
I would probably be a baseball coach. I don’t think I could do high school [coaching], they have to wear very short shorts, it looks like their d*** is blowing a bubble.

Q I How did you get started writing for TV?
I sold a pilot for my own show…and stopped stand-up for four years to write and make other people funny.

Q I How has being a parent influenced your comedy style?
Well, all my jokes are about them. I’m very far from Bill Cosby, I don’t think he would like my act.

Q I But I’ve heard Bill is one of your comedy heroes.
He is. Bill sits on a stool for two hours, he’s not screaming or anything, but he holds your attention, that’s amazing.

Q I I know you were writing for a film for the Happy Madison Production Company. Did you go to Adam Sandler with an idea for a script, did he come to you, or how did that happen?
The movie is based on a true story of 13 kids in 1963 who were part of a traveling baseball team. The story was, the coach used the team as a means of committing a robbery in every city the team visited, a total of 12 banks. It came to be because the guy I wrote it with got the right to the story from one of the kids on the team, who’s now a pro baseball player.

Q I Is there a title to speak of, or any additional details?
We’re calling it The Untitled Rick Dempsey Project. Very original, right?

Q I You appeared a few times on My Name is Earl in the past; is acting something you’re interested in doing in the future?
Yeah, you know, we get to act on After Lately…I think I really like doing stand-up more, the rush of it, but I like acting too.

Q I You’ve been a regular on Chelsea Lately. What’s it like working with her?
It’s about as fun as it looks!

Q I What can we look forward to from you in 2012?
Well…I’m working on a show based on my life, a book in 2012, the Sandler movie, and I’m developing another feature [film].

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