“High” Expectations

One thing is for sure, Curren$y knows how to keep his fans on edge. The New Orleans hipster rapper rolled into town for his “Stoned Immaculate” tour at the House of Blues, which also featured Styles P and a roster of stoners finest.

As I was walking to the House of Blues a little bit after 7:30 PM I noticed that Curren$y and two other members of his entourage were being detained by the Dallas PD for perhaps the very inspiration of the tour. After his tweets explaining the ordeal rumors began milling around with concertgoers that Curren$y wasn’t going to be performing due to, allegedly, being arrested prior to his show. The lack of communication and seemly never-ending string of opening performances only helped fuel the rumors. While the opening acts received positive reception from the audience, people came to see Curren$y.

When Styles P came on to the stage the entire venue was brought back to life and their energy was restored. He hyped everyone up and half way into his set jumped off stage and began performing within the crowd. No security. No bodyguards. None were needed; this crowd was there to live in that moment. They formed a circle around Styles and vibed off of his energy. He spent a great amount of time on the floor becoming one with the people. The crowd loved it.

Around 12:30 AM the man of the hour took center stage. Curren$y came out in let’s just say a “blaze of glory.” The building erupted and his fans went insane for his entire set. They hung on to every lyric just waiting for him to do the “call and response” so that they could feel even more a part of the evening than they already were. He brought his A-game to Big D and was flawless in his delivery. His rhyme scheme and stage presence made the performance unforgettable. Although by his own account he was “high” Curren$y’s talent stood even higher that night. No matter how inebriated he may or may not have been he still emphasizde the passion he has for rhyming in his delivery. He really proved to Dallas why he also goes by the moniker of Spitta, and why he was worth the wait.

The songs that really stood out:

– Curren$y preforming Micheal Knight

– Curren$y, Styles P, and Fiend performing Lean

– Elevator Musik

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