Gadgets: August 20th 2012

Paparazzo iPhone Light

Turn anywhere into a red carpet event with highly invasive tool. The Paparazzo iPhone Light gives your normal iPhone a huge advantage by adding a 300 lumen LED light that connects to the phone’s dock connector. Plus the PPL adds a dedicated shutter button and a grip. Let the party begin. ($50)

California Silverado Headphones

The Californication of your ears has finally come. Introducing the anti-Dre Beats, the California Silverados. These babies are tuned specifically for rock and country music and have a collapsible tri-fold design with leather ear cups, 360-degree articulating hinges, duo-jack removable cord plugs and 40mm titanium drivers. ($230)

Pioneer XDJ-AERO

Time to shake yo groove thang all over the dance floor. Pioneer’s new WiFi-enabled XDJ-AERO is taking digital DJing to a whole new level. It has a 24-bit audio interface, two-channel mixer, FX and filters, and zero cables. Load up from your smartphone or laptop and then it’s time to drop it like it’s hot. ($1,399)

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