Gadgets: 08/06/2012

Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator

So let’s just say all these “end of days” predictions are accurate wouldn’t you want to be able to still charge up your iPod in the post-apocalyptic Metroplex? The Goal Zero Yeti Solar Generator is your way! It was 1250 Watt Hour battery that fully charges in just 24 hours and its solar panels are powerful enough to keep AC units and refrigerators running, while still charging up that iPod. Plus it has USB ports. You will be the coolest guy in the world – that is until the zombies find you and eat your brains. ($1,800)


Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine

Save your generator (and your brains) by jumping into the best getaway car ever. Introducing the Zombie Survival Machine by Hyundai. This bad boy features a custom zombie plow, wheel spikes, armored window coverings, a roof hatch, and an arsenal in the trunk, floodlights, all-terrain tires, and a CB radio system. Mmmm you gotta love that dead zombie smell air freshener. (TBA)


Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular

See those undead bastards coming with your handy Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular. It’s compact and easy to carry (should you have to run for your life), weather-proof, and has a range of 350-foot range. You can also mount it on a tripod for those zombie reconnaissance all-nighters. ($2,900)

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