Coutney Galliano

At 23 years old, So You Think You Can Dance star Courtney Galiano has conquered reality TV, moved cross-country and started her own business. Between her many jobs, she sat down to answer a few questions about her whirlwind career.

How did you get started in dance? My mom put me in dance when I was 3 years old. I think my first recital was Little Bo Peep and I literally stood on stage and looked around, like “Hi Mom!” I don’t think I danced at all.

After SYTYCD, you moved from to L.A. from NYC. How was the transition? I’m a total east coaster. It was easy moving with people I did the show with because I felt like I was moving with family. I remember Adam Shankman looked at me and said, “Listen honey, either you want Broadway or you want film and TV.” And I knew I wanted film and TV.

There was an article from the NYTimes doubting the abilities of dancers on SYTYCD. You’ve lived in both places, is that a fair criticism? I think they are dead wrong. I have danced in both ends of the spectrum, and to make it in NY you need to be a hustler. In that NYTimes article, I said that SYTYCD was in Radio City Music Hall and we sold out every night. So, I think SYTYCD is doing just fine in NY.

How do you stay motivated and do you have advice for aspiring dancers? The second you stop learning, you stop growing. I started my own dance convention, called THE BEAT. We’ll have all the SYTYCD contestants like Twitch, Allison, William, Robert Roldan and Comfort, who is actually from Dallas. It really helps me to surround myself with amazing artists that have the drive to learn.

So far, what has been the biggest highlight for you? The Glee tour was my favorite, and starting my own business is huge. I’m 23 and I’m trying to start something that can grow. Creating this dance convention is…well it’s kind of like my baby. I’m just very passionate about it.

We heard you were expanding into acting? My first acting role was on Glee. I played the The Mack, the leader of a group called the Skanks. It was hysterical! I called my Dad and said, “Well Dad, I’m a skank.” I’m not like that in real life. It was super fun to play that part and get into it.

In the future what would you like to be doing? I hope to inspire kids all over the country and bring dance education to them. I want dance in my life forever, and this is a perfect way to put it there.

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