Cosmic Café

Cosmic Café is arguably one of the most original places in the Metroplex. Focusing solely on what matters to them and that is more than admirable in this day in age. More than just a “hippie haven,” Cosmic Café can’t be so easily pigeonholed into such a shallow category. Quite honestly the food is great, the atmosphere will have you feeling as though you have wandered into our more liberal sister city Austin, and the overall experience is one of a warm and friendly place. I smile just thinking about it. Now to the nitty gritty:

Think Bohemian renaissance meets Happyville. Seriously, everyone here seems to be genuinely happy to be eating or working here. It took a second to get adjusted to the influx of so much positive energy for a change, but it made for an incredibly pleasant dining experience. You will be surprised how much better your food tastes while you are smiling and laughing and enjoying the atmosphere. Don’t let the extreme exterior scare you off if you’re a more conservative soul. After the initial culture shock you will regain consciousness in a place that is as warm and inviting as your neighborhood pizzeria.

The wait can be long (just jump into one of the patio meditation classes while you wait) just be patient and think “while hungry, why not meditate a little? There is no hurry…” When you do get a table the service is good and knowledgeable – and trust me those are two things you want when ordering from a menu that you are unfamiliar with. They were able to navigate me through the menu to dishes that would best suit my taste, as I am not vegan. I was impressed by how friendly they remained despite my onslaught of menu questions.

Cosmic Café is the undisputed champion of Chai tea in DFW that gives you the calmness of Buddha himself after every sip and any who would oppose this decision are obliviously on the cusp of senility. They also reign supreme in the areas of hummus (worth the wait in and of itself), vegan cakes, and making you think of meals without meat. So, when it comes down to where’s the beef? The answer is inexplicably, not here. But that’s ok because they make it ok. They make you forget all about the beef…at least for a moment.

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