Corinne’s Catfish

An interesting thing happened on the way home from work. Have you ever been stuck with the unenviable task of having to pick up dinner, but are sick and tired of the same old burgers and tacos? Imagine for a moment an old southern kitchen. Your grandma is busily mixing flour, herbs, hand-breading fresh catfish fillets, rolling corn nuggets and battering huge chicken legs. Listen as everything sizzles in the oil on the iron skillet. You catch a whiff of Creole as more fillets are layered in spices and blackened to a moist finish. Now imagine you are sitting in your car while all of this is happening.

This is pretty much your experience when you stop by Corinne’s Catfish.

Everything is made fresh when you order it. No heat lamps for this place. I first realized this because as I told the girl what I wanted, she would immediately turn and yell the order to the cook just out of view.

At Corinne’s, you have to order the catfish. I went for the fried, but my wife went with the blackened. They have family meals and will split the order between fried and blackened for an additional buck. The meals come with your choice of traditional southern sides like coleslaw, okra, fries, dirty rice and my favorite, corn nuggets – You have to try the corn nuggets.

I could not resist ordering the chicken and waffles. For all of you of the northern persuasion, this is not a strange combination. I have to admit, the very large chicken leg’s breading was very good, but the meat seemed pretty sparse. Not something you would expect for a hungry dude. My advice is to skip the chicken and concentrate on the catfish. You get all of your food pretty quick and everything is still piping hot when you get home. And don’t forget to order the pie for desert. It was a little pricey, but it was homemade and pretty good. My wife had eaten half of it before we got home.

Corinne’s Catfish has two locations, the drive thru one I experienced, located on the southbound access road just past Main Street, and a sit-down location in the more residential part of Lewisville, west of I-35 on Main Street and Garden Ridge. They are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week at both locations. Even though it does feel a little disconcerting, the drive thru is really convenient.

I would give Corinne’s Catfish a good solid “happy dude” rating and would definitely make Corinne’s a regular stop for a lot of really tasty southern food at a decent price.

Corinne’s Catfish Burgers,
Chicken & Waffles
503 S. Stemmons Fwy

Mon – Thur 11am-9pm
Fri & Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 11am-3pm

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